November 28, 2022

Critical Minerals Corner: Jack Lifton & Christopher Ecclestone on the Rare Earths Market

In this episode of the Critical Minerals Corner, Tracy Weslosky is joined by Critical Minerals industry expert and InvestorIntel Editor in Chief Jack Lifton and Christopher Ecclestone, Principal and mining strategist at Hallgarten & Company about the demand and supply gap in the rare earths supply chain and about the key developments in the North American rare earths space.

In this InvestorIntel interview, Christopher went on to say that there are not enough players in the market to produce sufficient rare earths for the electric vehicle transformation. Jack further added that the only country self-sufficient in critical rare earths is China and explained why the US still lags far behind while Europe has already acknowledged the need for rare earths.

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  1. Marie Avatar

    Please explain why you guys find Appia more promising than Vital Metals?

  2. Jack Lifton Avatar
    Jack Lifton

    Appia is a neodymium rich monazite, which has more than 23% NdPr, and contains 1% xenotime, the hard rock mineral with high heavy rare earths. Moreover the discoveries present as near surface. The processing of monazite is well known, and the biggest issue, radioactive uranium and thorium content, can be managed and accepted in Saskatchewan. If there turns out to be a substantial deposit deposit then I think that Alces Lake rare earth grades, close-by infrastructure, and jurisdictional location will make it North America’s most important neodymium rich monazite deposit.

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