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The era of electric transportation has arrived – EVs boom and ICE gloom

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to play an important role in reducing global pollution by offering a more energy efficient […]

Stars “may be aligning” for the long-awaited uranium market recovery

Over the past 6 years, the words “up” and “uranium” have seldom been used in the same sentence.  It’s been […]

The Dixie Chicks Serenade the CRTC on CASL

The weeks went by and spring turned to summer, And summer faded into fall. And it turns out he was […]

InvestorIntel – Relationship Manager

Do you have experience in the public markets? Are you an extravert with excellent communication skills, both written and spoken? […]

Gold — forget confiscation, but worry about taxation

If you start to hear financial authorities talk along the lines that “gold is a problem because it’s being used […]

China pushes graphite plans at advanced materials meeting

The Chinese news agency Xinhua sent out an intriguing, but short-on-detail, report this week. It quoted one E. Zhongqi, president […]