Technology Metals Summit

InvestorIntel to Host the 8th Annual Technology Metals Summit on the NA Critical Materials Supply Chain

InvestorIntel, a trusted source of online market information for investors in the capital markets, is pleased to announce the 8th Annual Technology Metals Summit, an exclusive event for industry and investors focused on the North American Critical Materials Supply Chain. A 1-day event that will be held on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 from 8 AM to 6 PM, The Technology Metals Summit (#TMS2020) will be held in the Sovereign Ballroom at the Omni King Hotel located at 37 King St East in Toronto, Canada.

With the recent passing of the U.S. Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act on December 17, 2019 and the signing of a memorandum of understanding for critical materials between the U.S. and Canada to reduce dependence on Chinese rare earth sources on December 18th, expert Jack Lifton, one of the many guest participants anticipated at this year’s event states: “This is the greatest opportunity to revive a non-Chinese rare earth industry, since the movement to China of that industry in the last years of the twentieth century.”

InvestorIntel Corp. CEO Tracy Weslosky commented: “It is with great pleasure that we announce hosting our 8th Annual Technology Metals Summit (#TMS2020) on Thursday, May 14th. Having enjoyed hosting one of the best critical materials’ events for investors over the years, we are looking forward to this being one of the best industry networking events of the year. As the Chair of the Canadian Rare Earth Elements Network (#CREEN) Ian London said it best to us, these critical materials ‘are essential for high-tech industries — producing everything from lithium batteries for electric vehicles, to smartphones and computers, wind turbines and defense assets’. Reliable North American primary, secondary and downstream processed material supply chains, secured in collaboration with global partners  are certain to further attract tremendous upstream and downstream economic benefits for all of us.”

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