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Volatility, low interest rates, risk of deflation and Chinese REE defiance of WTO

InvestorIntelReport: The markets continued to be marked by volatility in the week, ending on January 9 due to several reasons […]

India fuels the issue of resource security as the Chinese restrict rare earths and tungsten exports

India discovers the strategic price of an inadequate critical materials supply – a lesson for the US The development of […]

WTO ruling fails to alleviate European concern over China’s rare earth dominance

China has increased its efforts to limit the illegal mining and export of rare earths (REE). The Government has launched […]

Russia returns to the global REE scene with new processing technology

Scientists at Russia’s Ural Federal University have developed a method to extract rare earths from uranium mines. The new technology […]

China and the WTO – The Dawn of Passive Aggression?

“The Fox and the Grapes” is one of Aesop’s fables and is one of the earliest illustrations of the concept […]

Congress ponders legislation to encourage rare earth production

On June 17 of this year, US House Representative, Steve Stockman, introduced Bill HR 4883 “to provide for the establishment […]

China pondering retaliation to recent US and WTO moves

Great Britain and France had the largest empires in the world, dominating the world economy in the 19th century thanks […]