In 2022 Neo Lithium Shareholders prospered, and Neo Performance Materials is in the spotlight

Neo Lithium Corp. (TSXV: NLC | OTCQX: NTTHF) was one of the standout performers in 2021 delivering a return to investors of 219%, a 5.35x gain for those investors lucky enough to have bought in at the IPO on July 20, 2016 at C$1.20 per share. Neo Lithium is now trading at C$6.42 with the Zijin Mining takeover offer at C$6.50 a share having recently been approved by Neo Lithium shareholders.

Today’s article gives an update on Neo Lithium and mentions another company that has several things in common with Neo Lithium, meaning it could be the next success story.

Neo Lithium stock price went from C$1.20 at IPO to $6.42

Source: Yahoo Finance

An update on Neo Lithium

As announced on December 10, 2021 Neo Lithium shareholders approved the arrangement effectively selling their shares in Neo Lithium to China’s Zijin Mining Group at C$6.50 a share. 91.42% of shareholder votes were in favour of the transaction. The announcement stated: “Subject to obtaining all required approvals and satisfying all required conditions, the Transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022…..Following closing of the Transaction, the Common Shares will be de-listed from the TSX Venture Exchange.” There is the option for investors to buy into China copper-gold miner Zijin Mining Group (SHA: 601899) (HK: 2899) if they wish to still have exposure to Neo Lithium’s prized 3Q Project, whose Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was recently approved by the Catamarca Government in Argentina.

Effectively this ends the story for investors in Neo Lithium. But there is a another ‘Neo’ to consider.

Neo Performance Materials Inc. (TSX: NEO) – The next ‘Neo’

While there is no doubt that Neo Lithium President & CEO, Dr. Waldo Perez, (who also discovered Lithium Americas Cauchari Project) and its CFO, Carlos Vincens, played a huge role in the success of Neo Lithium, there is another person of interest. And that is Neo Lithium Chairman Constantine Karayannopoulos, who served on the Neo Lithium Board from February 9, 2016. He is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Neo Performance Materials Inc. (TSX: NEO). Neo Performance Materials returned shareholders a 49% gain in 2021 and offers investors a similar early stage (to get in) opportunity, albeit this time in rare earths processing and permanent magnets materials.

For investors who believe success breeds success (as I do), and who look to follow star performers then I suggest you take a closer look at Neo Performance Materials. The Company is unique in the way it is positioning itself as the only non-Chinese processor of rare earth materials into separated rare earth chemicals that are then used internally to produce rare earth fine chemicals, metals, alloys, and “bonded” rare earth permanent magnets. You can read more about Neo Performance Materials in my linked article below.

In the above article global rare earths expert Jack Lifton quotes his view on Neo Performance Materials stating:

“Neo Performance Materials is today, the only Western company that is vertically integrated with the capability and commercial scale capacity to separate the rare earths, manufacture rare earth metals and alloys, and manufacture rare earth permanent magnets. It is the non-Chinese model for any venture seeking to enter or assemble a total rare earths permanent magnet supply chain.”

Neo Performance Materials position in the supply chain for rare earths based products

Source: Neo Performance Materials company presentation

Closing remarks

The story on Neo Lithium is now closing with the successful takeover by Zijin Mining now in its final stages. Investors who were in early, since the IPO, made a very nice 5.35x gain, and in some cases even more if they followed me buying at the 2019 low around C$0.58 (see my article here) and selling recently above C$6.40 for a 11x gain.

Looking ahead I see some similarities between Neo Lithium and Neo Performance Materials. Both have top quality management and Constantine Karayannopoulos is involved in both. Both companies are leaders in their field, noting Neo Lithium in lithium and Neo Performance Materials in rare earths processing and production of valuable rare earth based end products. Finally, both are beneficiaries of the EV boom and the demand for EV related metals such as lithium and the rare earths, NdPr.

They say follow the money and that is true, but better still is to follow successful top tier management, especially if they have the tailwind of a winning trend.

In 2022 we say farewell to Neo Lithium and hello to Neo Performance Materials. It should be another great year for those companies related to the electric vehicle boom.

The Technology Metals Show with Neo Lithium’s Waldo Perez on the state of the lithium market

Technology Metals Show hosts Jack Lifton and Peter Clausi interview Waldo Perez, President, CEO and Director of Neo Lithium Corp. (TSXV: NLC | OTCQX: NTTHF) on the state of the lithium market. “When it comes to lithium there are two places and two sources.” Waldo started. “First is the Puna plateau which is Chile, Bolivia and Argentina for brine resources. 60% of the lithium of the planet is located in an area that covers this plateau.” He continued, “The other source is a mineral called spodumene. This mineral is more common in the planet but the best spodumene is found in Australia.”

In this interview, which may also be viewed on YouTube (click here to subscribe to the InvestorIntel Channel), Waldo went on to say that CATL – largest battery producer in the world, is a strategic investor in Neo Lithium. He explained that Neo Lithum’s Tres Quebradas (3Q) Lithium Project was selected by CATL because it is the highest grade undeveloped project in the world and has low OPEX and CAPEX. The project has 50% IRR and payback of less than 2 years. To watch the full interview, click here

About Neo Lithium Corp.

Neo Lithium Corp. has quickly become a prominent new name in lithium brine exploration by virtue of its high quality 3Q Project and experienced team. Neo Lithium is rapidly advancing its recently discovered 3Q Project – a unique high-grade lithium brine lake and salar complex in Latin America’s “Lithium Triangle”. The 3Q Project is located in the Catamarca Province, the largest lithium producing area in Argentina covering approximately 35,000 ha including a salar complex of approximately 16,000 ha.

To learn more about Neo Lithium Corp., click here

Disclaimer: Neo Lithium Corp. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Neo Lithium: On-track to join the ever-growing ranks of producing juniors

Lithium has unquestioningly become a critical material, and the industry has really come into its own over the last few years. All signs point to an increase in demand of around 20,000 tonnes per year for at least the next few years, and hundreds of projects are creeping towards production. Neo Lithium Corp. (TSXV: NLC) (“Neo Lithium”) is well on-track to join the ever-growing ranks of producing juniors.

Neo Lithium entered into a $25m bought deal financing with Sprott Capital Partners following excellent progress on their promising brine and salars project. The company will issue 22.73 million units at a price of $1.10 per unit. The net proceeds, some $25m, will be used primarily to advance Neo Lithium’s Tres Quebradas project in Catamarca Province.

Neo Lithium is a relatively new junior on the scene, having floated on July 20, 2016 at CAD 1.20 per share. The stock did well and reached its year high of CAD 2.09, then retreated slowly back to a year low of CAD 0.91, recovering since then to its original CAD 1.20. In July 2016, lithium hype was running very strong, and we believe that the recent price dip has created an excellent entry point for anyone who missed the boat first time around.

The 3Q Project is located in the southern end of the “Lithium Triangle” in the Puna Plateau. The area is characterized by high altitude salt flats, many of which contain elevated lithium concentrations. Preliminary brine sampling results indicate these values are comparable, and in most cases higher, than current producing mines or projects under construction.

The largest lithium brine projects in the world are located in salars in the Lithium Triangle. The Project is located in the southwestern portion of the Catamarca Province of Argentina, the largest Lithium producing province of Argentina. The closest paved road to the Project is Ruta Nacional 60, which connects the capital city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, to Copiapó and the seaport of Caldera, via Paso de San Francisco. Neo Lithium is sole owner of the extensive brine/salar reservoir complex, which remains one of the lowest impurity brines in the industry.

Last year the company published geophysical results, which suggest that the northern portions of the project, including the northern reservoir and northern salar, were larger than originally thought by around 3km, taking it to approximately 100km², and extending down to approximately 100 metres under the northern reservoir and as deep as 300 metres under some sectors of the 3Q salar. Thus, the company’s total claim encompasses a recorded 300km² of the lithium triangle. Importantly, this claim houses the large lake-like complex and there are no competing claims to this property from any competitors.

CEO Waldo Perez had this to say regarding the geophysical results:

“The final geophysical survey results on the 3Q project are very impressive and encouraging. These results indicate that the highest-grade lithium zone is extensive and deep, generating a much larger target than originally anticipated.”

The results of various studies completed by Neo Lithium show that for every hectare of solar evaporation pond constructed, approximately 25 tonnes of lithium carbonate could be recoverable, very similar to other projects in the region. The results of the studies also demonstrate that the brine could produce potash as a by-product during the simple evaporation process, creating the potential for additional revenue at a later stage. With these results in hand, Neo Lithium has already forged ahead in designing a single hectare pilot pond series that will be constructed on-site to test these results.