Taking military technology to the market

Unmanned robotics is a fast growing area thanks to improved technology, military demand, and ever growing commercial uses. This should only increase with the widespread rollout of 5G. According to Zion Market Research, the military robotics space is expected to reach US$53.93 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 13.5%.

On December 23, 2019 an exciting new robotic technology company listed on the TSXV. That company is A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. (TSXV: AZ) which has been listed by the founder of A2Z Technologies of Israel.

A2Z Technologies background 

A2Z Technologies is one of Israel’s most influential and innovative technology companies. Their background is in military technology, focused on robotics. A2Z Technologies has a diverse portfolio of advanced military robotics and other technologies with both government and ~75 companies bringing in recurring clients.

A2Z Technologies is considered to be one of the top innovative technology companies in Israel. The Company specializes in military unmanned robotics and state-of-the-art automation and electronics technology. For over 30 years the Company has been working closely and collaborating with the Israeli government (E.g: Israel defense forces, Israel police, Ministry of Defense, etc.) in order to engineer, produce and maintain complex electronic systems, and unmanned robotic platforms.

A2Z Technologies is now expanding into Canada and growing its product range to adapt to everyday life needs. Inventions such as robot firefighters and life saving devices have put A2Z firmly at the cutting edge of robot tech.

A2Z Technologies expansion plans

A2Z Technologies plans to expand existing product and service revenues through partnerships with governments outside of Israel. They intend to expand their reach into civilian markets and to create durable, lifesaving, and new products with the highest military engineering grade. The Canadian expansion company is A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.

A2Z Technologies existing products

Some latest revolutionary products – Automotive focus

A2Z’s anti-flammable automatic system for cars to stop your car burning

The anti-inflammable system involves a simple capsule inside your gas tank. If a car accident occurs the capsule releases a flame retardant material thereby stopping your car catching on fire. You can watch a video of how it works here.

A2Z smart car cover

This innovative product uses a heating element to stop snow build up on your car.

You can watch a video of how it works here

Valuation of the Canadian company (A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.) is still too early to assess, given the very early stage; however, given the success of the company (A2Z Technologies) in Israel, there is plenty of blue-sky potential.

In conclusion, A2Z is implementing a two-pronged approach in Canada: (1) Continuing to adapt its current military products for civilian use, and; (2) Developing two innovative products for the automotive market – The A2Z anti-flammable automatic system and the A2Z smart car cover. Investors can benefit from the experience of the 30 years established mother company (A2Z Technologies) serving the military and government sectors (as well as others), with upside coming as they forge their way into new everyday products.

I can see a huge market for many of its products in Canada. The counter terrorism and bomb defusing robots are in-demand right now. The unmanned firefighting robots and vehicles would also be of enormous value, as Australia is learning now with much of the country fighting bush fires. All gasoline cars should have an anti-flammable automatic system, and many would benefit from a smart car cover to melt away the snow.