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Turkey – Treasure Chest or Lobster Trap?

In their heyday, one of the principles that the Rothschilds (supposedly) operated by was that the best time to invest […]

Gold – the strategic investment metal

A funny thing happened after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union on June 23. According to Reuters, the British […]

The Oil Price Plunge – Economic Redistribution on an Epic Scale

The question that exercises minds these days is if the oil price fall is a tailwind or a headwind. The […]

Tasman Metals – Masters of All they Survey in Scandiland

Ever since the Tasman/Flinders merger deal was floated it was apparent that Tasman (TSXV: TSM | NYSE-MKT: TAS) wanted the benefits […]

Islamic State must be fought in the West and the Middle East

Islamic State (‘IS’, former ISIS), a terrifying and terrorist organization, brandishing an especially intolerant version of Sunni Islam and waging […]

Soma coal mine explosion raises questions about Turkey’s ‘economic miracle’

On May 13, a fire at a coal mine in Soma, Turkey left 301 miners dead. Turkish media have called […]