Meredith on West Red Lake Gold’s new high grade gold drill results

InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky speaks with Tom Meredith, Executive Chairman of West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (CSE: RLG | OTCQB: RLGMF), about their recently announced drill results which has expanded gold mineralization at the NT Zone on the Rowan Mine property in the prolific Red Lake Gold District.

In an InvestorIntel interview that can also be viewed on our InvestorIntel YouTube channel, Tracy and Tom discussed West Red Lake Gold’s drill results with several high grade gold intercepts including 5.91 gpt gold over 6 meters.

“We are in Red Lake which is one of Canada’s best-known gold mining districts,” Tom said. “It was the foundation of Goldcorp which created tremendous amount of value for its shareholders and we are about 20 km away from that significant deposit.” Commenting on the gold market, Tom said, “The central banks around the world are printing money. What that does is that it enhances the value of gold.”

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Tom Meredith on the Coronavirus, the price of gold and West Red Lake Gold

Last week during PDAC 2020, InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky had the opportunity to secure an update on West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (CSE: RLG | OTCQB: RLGMF) from Executive Chairman Tom Meredith.

Tom started by saying that because of the coronavirus outbreak interest rates are going down and when interest rates go down gold price goes up. He said that it is going to be very beneficial for gold over the coming months and capital is flowing into the gold sector. Tom also provided an update on West Red Lake Gold’s drill results announced on January 15, 2020. He said that the company already has a NI 43-101 deposit with about a million ounces of gold. The drill results were from a new deposit nearby which has good potential and the company has put out some very good drill results from the deposit.

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RLG’s Tom Meredith says prepare for “a good wave of capital” in the gold market

“For the last six years, gold has been capped at around US$ 1,360. When the Fed indicated that they are likely to start cutting rates, gold shot above US$1,400. So broke a six-year capping of about US$1,360. That signals that money is going to flow into the space and really big bond money is flowing into the space because the negative rates which a lot of these AAA bonds are at, gold looks better.” States Tom Meredith, Executive Chairman of West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (CSE: RLG | OTCQB: RLGMF), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Tom went on to say that the gold market movement has just started and there is a good wave of capital coming into gold as the Fed is most likely to make more rate cuts and generally interest rates are falling around the world. So that is going to drive much more capital into gold. Tom also provided an update on West Red Lake Gold’s encouraging drill results from NT Zone on the Rowan Mine Property. He said that they see potential to develop the NT Zone into a deposit that will catch the market’s attention.

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West Red Lake on the impending “gold bull market”

Tom Meredith, Executive Chairman of West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (CSE: RLG | OTCQB: RLGMF) in an interview with InvestorIntel CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss gold exploration and property development. Tom tells us that West Red Lake is an exploration and development company whose goal is to make their Red Lake property an appealing purchase for mining companies. Tom also discusses their Rowan Mine joint venture (JV) partnership with gold veteran, Goldcorp.

Tracy Weslosky: We recently had an analyst do a headline story about you called, The Junior Gold Rally. Lara Smith is a big believer that we have the making of a gold bull market. She picked, out of all the companies and all the juniors on the planet, she picked West Red Lake to profile. Can you tell me why she picked you?

Tom Meredith: Well, I can tell you that we have a story that’s— First of all, I agree that we have a gold bull market in the junior mining shares. It started about a year ago and it will probably go for several years. One of the reasons that people do like our story is because we’re in Canada, we’re in Red Lake, we do have gold deposits, we have Goldcorp as our partner and we have a 43-101 resource. We tick a lot of the right boxes.

Tracy Weslosky: I believe the quote was — she believes that (during) this time period, based on looking at the market, she sees a potential buying frenzy. Lara related it to your (West Red Lake Gold Mines) recent announcement about starting a drilling program. Can you tell us more about that?

Tom Meredith: Well, we carry on drilling programs over the years and we’re drilling right now. We’ve reported some results a little while ago. Our basic plan is to expand gold resources, build gold resources and also do the odd exploration hole looking for a new area that might yield a big deposit.

Tracy Weslosky: You specifically announced earlier this month that you were going to start an exploration drilling program. Can you give us more detail?…to access the complete interview, click here

Disclaimer: West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Gold pioneer Thomas Meredith targets Red Lake for another touchdown?

West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (CSE: RLG | OTCQB: RLGMF) (”RLG”) has long sought to prove the existence of further high-grade deposits by targeting an area believed to hold compelling exploration potential.

The presence of intersecting structures provides a geological environment for the occurrence of significant gold zones. Recent drill results from this particular area demonstrated a grading of over 26 g/t, which continues to provide us with increased confidence in the overall zone. As such, it seems that sampling will continue into the new year and that Red Lake will continue to defend its reputation as one of the greatest gold producing regions this planet has to offer.

People have been pouring into Ontario´s Red Lake area since gold was first observed there in 1925; within ten years, Howey Bay had the world´s busiest airport, and yet even more prospectors continued to arrive by dog team and foot. To date, the Red Lake Mining District has produced over 22 million ounces of gold and ranks among the top 10 most desirable gold jurisdictions in the world.

In 1995, the high-grade zone was first discovered and is the backbone of modern day Red Lake operations. Recent investments in infrastructure and development have positioned these renowned mines for many more years of long-term sustainable production.

The three historic mines on RLG’s property sit along the east-west trending Pipestone Bay-St. Paul deformation zone, a regional structure that continues eastward off the property. A second gold bearing volcanic structure, the NT Zone, trends northeast on to the property and intersects with the Pipestone Bay-St Paul deformation zone approximately 1km east of the former Rowan Mine. Most of RLG’s efforts to date have focused around the Rowan Mine, where drilling and historic data support an inferred resource of 1.1 million oz, within 4.5 million tonnes grading 7.57 g/t gold. The Mount Jamie Mine and the Red Summit Mine are owned 100% by RLG. The Rowan Mine is owned 60% by RLG and 40% by Goldcorp, a major funding partner with a long history at Red Lake.

Thomas Meredith is a successful entrepreneur and gold pioneer in the resource industry. He now heads up RLG after transforming his former company, VG Gold, in what is becoming a very similar story. He took the then broken VG with a $3 million market capitalization, cleaned up the management and board, focused on advancing and de-risking the company’s four historic mines in the Timmins gold camp, culminating in a resource base increase from 60,000 oz to 2 million oz. He oversaw the completion of two PEAs, a joint venture with Goldcorp, got permitting underway, and attracted Rob McEwen in as an investor, who took a 40% stake in VG through his company Lexam Exploration. By the time Lexam and VG merged eighteen months later, VG Gold had a market cap of $200 million.

Meredith is clearly aiming to repeat his past successes at Red Lake and is relying on future drill results to prove him correct. Crucially, there are producing mines only 20 km away and the area is already world-famous for its historic grades. Continuing to produce positive drill results could rapidly turn the site into an acquisition target; with 50.41 grams of gold per tonne over 1.50 metres and 22.72 grams of gold per tonne over 1.50 metres confirmed at the end of last year, the recent results may be enough to convince most investors of the project’s merits.