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Father of “Technology Metals” Jack Lifton joins InvestorIntel Founder Tracy Weslosky to Launch the Technology Metals Show

CEOs, Scientists and Thought Leaders Discuss the Global Hunt for Critical Materials on an Exclusive Members Only Site Toronto/Detroit, April […]

Critical Materials’ Expert says Coronavirus Fall-Out is Catalyst for Reviewing Rare Earths’ Tailings…in Canada

As we are all very aware — the novel coronavirus is impacting nearly every part of everyone’s daily life in […]

Taking the Small Cap Secret to the Street.

Whispers on Bay St, C-level managers maintain strong composure, but behind closed doors the consensus is the same: the small […]

Jack Lifton on how the rare earths market is definitely hot

The rare earths market in the United States is definitely hot. The President of the United States has given a […]

No matter a bidding war or the trade war, Lynas set to benefit

Called the technology metals for good reason, rare earth elements (REE) touch every part of our lives. Our smartphones, our […]

Scandium International soars 41.67% last week on positive news from its Nyngan Scandium Project

Called the “seeds of technology” by the Japanese and the “technology metals” by the US Department of Energy, rare earth […]

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