Technology metals summit 2013

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#TMS2013: ‘Financing on my Mind’, addressing the Challenge of Raising Capital in Today’s Markets

Securing the necessary funds and financing is one of the biggest challenges faced by the mining sector in general. The […]

#TMS2013: ‘Country Risk’, the art of coping with Foreign Markets

The progressive loss of control over the effects of decisions and actions in relation to economic and financial markets due […]

#TMS2013: Law of Attraction, Magnets in Renewable Energy

The Magnets in Renewable Energy panel at the 2013 Technology Metals Summit  or #TMS2013 as we are calling it entitled: “Law […]

Why is the CEO of Quest Rare Minerals so popular in China?

A few days ago, Our Chinese correspondent, Hong-Po Shen, brought two interesting statistical tidbits about the popularity of the ProEdgeWire […]

Rare Earths in focus next April at key events in Toronto and Shanghai

ProEdgeWire will host the Second annual Technology Metals Summit 2013 will be held on April 21-22, 2013 in Toronto, Canada […]

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