Financial Horoscope for the Week of August 21-25, 2017

Activity around the entertainment and relaxation fields are certain to be key points of interest this week. Surprising shifts in apparently stable fields encourage a close examination of any field of particular interest to the individual, especially in the areas that have seemed rather stable for a long time. It is critical at this time that you note the way others, interested in the same fields you personally are focusing on, are likely to react to the news at it reaches the public view.

Newly discovered rare earth deposits in the northern reaches bring interesting speculative possibilities, so watch for slight shifting in holdings in those areas. A minor reverse in energy transference technologies are likely to yield positive returns IF you gauge the handling of your holdings based on the likely reaction of other investors at this time. Watch your holdings for apparently stable energy sources shifting focus from fossil fuels into Solar and Wind-based sources as new developments are brought to light especially from the Southern Hemisphere. Advancements in Horticultural research make formerly restricted sources of investment viable once again, but be cautious about moving too much of your portfolio in this area too quickly.

This week is likely to find a lot of change happening around you, so stay focused on your overall goals. Changing direction in your finances at this time could result in a destabilizing effect on your portfolio thus extra care is recommended in making any major decisions. It is wise to focus on the impact the home and business aspects of the market are likely to have on your personal portfolio, especially in regards to others investing in the same stocks are likely to react to the ongoing shifts.

Be aware of the impact that community projects are likely to impact on the local environment and the view of the locals as this is sure to guide the direction your investments move in. Building tensions in conflicting industries are likely to create instability on both sides of the equation, so be sure to remain focused on the general feel of your holdings. Many minor disturbances are likely to be seen throughout the week, so be sure to stay focused on the balance of your portfolio.

Projects focused on community development are sure to hold the majority of the pertinent activity around you, so be clear on your overall goals while looking to the future. A subtle change in communication technologies is likely to trigger a major shift in the basic components and elements that are high in sound and magnetically reactive elements. When dealing with a broker, this is the time to be extremely clear regarding your own personal goals in order to ensure they are working for you in a way you are personally comfortable with.

Physical building materials are a key to your success this week, especially as they pertain to the communication fields of research. Stay focused on the facts that are presented to you as speculation in these fields is likely to be more susceptible to variation than is standard. Minor changes in magnetics and electrical components indicate a growing shift, so pay close attention to the fine details of the companies you are focusing on, especially in the critical management positions.

Watch the flow of your domestic stocks as they are likely set to reverse direction with very little warning especially near the end of the week. Hidden information coming to light through your own research points to building pressure, especially in heavy metals, so be to focus on long-term goals, keeping in mind that things will likely change very quickly in the early part of the coming week.

A surprising change in company direction, in the way of a combined expansion and refinement of options leads to a marked change in profit lines so be sure to double-check your figures before making a major stock change. New explorations in heavy metals, specifically around magnetic conductors brings indications of an impending shift in profit lines and options. Added attention to Northern European markets may be far more beneficial than you are expecting at this time.

You are likely to find that social projects around housing supply and development are gaining attention in the reports you are receiving, so be sure to watch the reactions of other investors regarding their reactions to the changes. This may be the time to go against the tide of other investors, but be sure to make your own decisions in order to stay on top of the path you desire to follow. As the end of the week approaches there is new information brought to light regarding the direction your technology (especially communication based investments) are heading; prudence is the key to enhancing your holdings.

Caution is advised when watching domestic stocks in the fields of electronics and magnets as a slight change in the market is likely to trigger unexpected reactions from other investors. Be diligent in your investigation of new technologies being brought to light as the research is not likely as far ahead as your holdings may be indicating. New insight brought to you through an unexpected source is likely to shed light on an otherwise conflicted perspective, so double check your numbers before committing new funds.

Be very diligent regarding new contracts/investments in communication based investments as the information you have received may not be complete. Double-checking your numbers is critical in attaining the success you are seeking, but remember to ask questions when something doesn’t make sense to you as it will be an apparently minor point that will light the way to far greater rewards. As the end of the week approaches, communication lines come back into balance making planning for the coming weeks that much more effecting.

A surprising piece of information revolving around Company policy in transportation companies makes for a better profit margin, so be sure to focus on a quick change in direction. Insight brought to you regarding a new investment/company expansion leads to an intriguing opportunity, especially regarding building materials of a natural base.

Listen carefully to the ongoing trends in magnetics and capacitors within your portfolio, as it is likely to work out for the better as smaller companies make greater returns. The guidance of a trusted investor brings new opportunities for portfolio growth, but be careful you don’t over extend your working capital as there is a sudden spike in profit, if you watch for it. Take a break late in the week by holding steady on key holdings as your minor precious metal holdings are likely to fluctuate quickly at this time.

Energy is running very high for you at this time as transportation and exploration technologies take a turn for the better. Be sure to plan things out on paper, and/or discuss your desire with the one responsible for your monies as there is more to situation than you expect. A surprising opportunity comes through a conversation with a stranger, so be ready to act on it as the early grown is likely to be very high. Remember, you are the one that has to make your own final decision regarding when you are personally ready to sell.

Letter from the Publisher: The above is intended to be for entertainment purposes only and is not professional investment advice.