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Talga CEO on Chemetall Deal and Becoming a Commercialized Graphene Player

Mark Thompson, Managing Director of Talga Resources Ltd. (ASX: TLG), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss their […]

Talga – Rubber Hits the Road

As we have noted in the past the three key words that best sum up Vittangi are “cheap, cheap, cheap” […]

Talga now moves to cement graphene and graphite customer relations

Getting a mining project off the ground is a long, hard slog. And it is almost always achieved largely without […]

Stop the “boast fest” with graphite, warns analyst

Cool your heels. That is the advice that graphite hopefuls have been sent at the inaugural Australian Graphite Conference in […]

Talga – Its Designs on Nordic Graphite

All things Scandinavian seem to be the buzz these days with their fiction writing and television programs being much sought […]

Graphene research now expanding at breakneck speed

Dresden is in the vanguard of graphene research and development. But the German city is just one participant in what […]

Grigor says Talga and MRL are ‘catalysts for disruption in the graphene sector’

First he singled out Talga, now Warwick Grigor says he has found the other key player in the low cost […]