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Ebola virus to take centre stage in US-Chinese competition for African mineral resources

August 04, 2014
| August 04, 2014

Today, 50 African Heads of State and Government will be gathering at the White House for an unprecedented US-Africa summit, […]

It’s August. Do you know where your Federal Regulators Are?

August 08, 2013
| August 08, 2013 | 11 Comments

It’s August in Washington, the perfect time for the federal government to drop surprise policy pronouncements on a public (rightly) […]

Bangladesh textile factory disaster highlights importance of corporate sustainability

May 13, 2013
| May 13, 2013

The death of over 1000 people killed in a Dhaka factory collapse late April should come as no surprise to those […]

#TMS2013: “A great event, perhaps the best in the Industry”

April 23, 2013
| April 23, 2013

The second annual Technology Metals Summit was, by all accounts, great event. At the end of the last session, Richard […]

#TMS2013: Sustainability and the Bottom Line

April 12, 2013
| April 12, 2013

The discovery of valuable mineral deposits has driven mining firms into increasingly far-flung geographic regions. This expansion has been accompanied […]

U3O8 issues ‘NI 43-101’ PEA and promises ‘0’ Cost Uranium Production

February 14, 2013
| February 14, 2013

U308 Corp. (TSX: UWE | OTCQX:UWEFF) is filed a National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101″) Preliminary Economic Assessment (“PEA”) on its […]

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