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Giyani Gold Bites Down on Growing Manganese Market

Multiple producers focused on manganese were forced to close their doors over the past five years as a three-year-price-slide annihilated […]

Are you ready for the Vanadium price explosion?

I have long championed vanadium as a metal of choice for the modern investor; the super-metal is predominantly used to […]

Hallelujah – Uranium is Risen

In what was a bad four years for the mining space, special punishment was reserved for the uranium sub-space where […]

Life After Consolidation: The South African Ferrochrome Industry Landscape

Over the last eighteen months or so, a number of South African producers either went into business rescue or reduced their […]

Platinum – Swamped in the Backwash of Volkswagen’s Woes

Maybe I haven’t been looking too closely but it seems to have been more in the context of Australian gold […]

Why you never put “Great” in your company name.

The Oxford Dictionary has this to say: glacial Line breaks: gla|cial Pronunciation: /ˈɡleɪsɪəl  , -ʃ(ə)l/ Definition of glacial in […]

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