Imex Systems’ CEO on iGovernment Solutions for Smart Cities

“I think we are one of the few companies out there that really does provide a solution for iGovernments and for smart cities. A lot of the other players in the space are very large. When they get engaged they are looking at more than $100 million buildout. We can come in with a much smarter solution, much faster buildout, much faster integration and we provide real value for our customers.” States Rob Klein, CEO of Imex Systems Inc. (TSXV: IMEX), in an interview with InvestorIntel Corp. CEO Tracy Weslosky.

Tracy Weslosky: Rob, as the new CEO I know I am getting a lot of feedback from investors on things that they believe are the priorities for Imex Systems, but what do you plan on doing with Imex Systems moving forward?

Rob Klein: What we want to do is we are starting to launch a new platform, GOVCANN, that we are going to be launching hopefully in the next few months, which will be the first government sponsored, government run portal on the cannabis. We are going to help allow municipalities and governments to really help communicate and engage their communities.

Tracy Weslosky: We were really impressed. We noticed there was a new report put on the Global Market titled, The Global Smart Governments Market Professional Survey Report 2018. It lists all of these major international players, large corporate and includes Imex Systems. What does Imex Systems bring to the table that allowed it to be a part of such a significant report?

Rob Klein: I think we are one of the few companies out there that really does provide a solution for iGovernments and for smart cities. A lot of the other players in the space are very large. When they get engaged they are looking at more than $100 million buildout. We can come in with a much smarter solution, much faster buildout, much faster integration and we provide real value for our customers.

Tracy Weslosky: You have had an incredible news flow this year and since you joined. You recently announced a definitive agreement for integrated product offering and global market expansion with Blockgration. It sounds to me like you have some technical advantages as well. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

Rob Klein: Blockgration is a company based here in Toronto that provides a block generated payments platform. What we have done is we have partnered with them to enable governments around the world to basically move to the next step in mobile payments. By working with them together combining with our iGov platform we think we have a really, really winning solution.

Tracy Weslosky: Forgive me Rob, but I have not had enough coffee in my day. I am going to get you just to slow down a little bit and backup. Can you tell us a little bit more about your iGov platform?

Rob Klein: The iGov market is about a $25 billion dollar plus market and growing. Then if you add to that, smart cities you are looking at a $2 trillion dollar plus market. Why it is so relevant for governments around the world is that governments are realizing that they are not very efficient and that they do not operate the most efficiently or communicate with their citizens. What we do is we enable that to happen. We provide a thoroughly robust platform that allows citizens and governments to interact, even departments to interact. Currently if you go to most government departments they are using one system for one solution, one system for another solution, and one system for another solution. They do not communicate efficiently or effectively. Our platform is robust and cross departmental and allows governments to really take technology to the next level…to access the complete interview, click here

Disclaimer: Imex Systems Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Building the next generation of smart governments and smart cities around the world

The expected global market size for smart cities is $1.565 trillion (cumulative) by 2020, out of which smart governance is expected to be about 12% – $180 billion. The market for electronic government services is especially strong in emerging countries which are racing to modernize their public sector and transform citizen service delivery. International institutions like the World Bank, IMF, ADB etc., are encouraging emerging countries to become efficient, transparent and accountable, and are providing significant amounts of funding for their e-government initiatives. Furthermore in the North American market, there is a call for governments to modernize their systems to deliver better services in an integrated fashion with better efficiencies, while reducing their overall costs. Imex Systems Inc.’s  offerings are capable of achieving these goals, as it provides all the pre-built components required in building an effective e-government.

Imex Systems Inc. (TSXV: IMEX) is a Canadian “software products and solution provider” that focuses on the e-government and the smart cities market, including the integration of payment processing. Imex’s mission is to help build the next generation of smart governments and smart cities around the world. The Company provide a totally integrated smart e-government platform that allows citizen services delivery through an “Any Time, Any Where, Any Device and Any Channel” convenience. The platform helps citizens to access government services and helps with digital transformation of government operations. Founded in 1997, Imex has come to be known as a pioneer in public sector modernization and service delivery transformation.

Imex’s various product and service offerings 

iGov, miGov, & iCity

iGov puts citizens first and helps realize a citizen friendly and transparent government. iGov provide multi channel service delivery, citizen relationship management, business process automation, multi-channel payment management, multi-channel communication, enterprise service bus, and an information delivery portal. With its end-to-end service delivery capability, it combines multiple departmental systems within a government into a single enterprise system thereby transforming the way governments deliver services. This means that iGov can improve government transparency and efficiency.

miGov is a versatile mobile app based on the miGov mobile framework that provides any time and any device convenience to citizens to access government services and information.

iCity is a complete local e-Government framework that enhances citizen satisfaction, enhances staff productivity and helps better comply with regulatory requirements. iCity is built on the iGov core framework.

iPay, miPay & iDocs

The iPay payment engine is the heart of the e-commerce and payments capability for Governments. iPay is an integrated multi-channel, multi-mode payment system specifically designed for government to receive payments.

miPay integrates with iPay and helps to accept payments from citizens using mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets. miPay does not need special hardware. iPay-Mobile runs on any standard Android or Apple iOS device (Smart Phones and Tablets).

iDocs is a web based electronic billing/statement and payment solution for governments and businesses leveraging the internet to reduce costs and improve cash flow, while increasing operational efficiency and enhance customer relationships, while reducing paper.

Imex Systems Inc. announced recently (August 13, 2018) that they have signed a definitive agreement with Blockgration Global Group (“BGC”). BGC is a mobile wallet and blockchain company that are quickly expanding their presence into both governments and the private sector. The intent is to establish a new strategic partnership that will leverage each company’s unique strengths to enhance product and service offerings, and to expand market reach and revenue growth. The Imex iGov platform will be integrated with BGCs mobile wallet and blockchain platform to create a unique payments, communication, and software services platform. This will enable all levels of government to manage their processes with greater efficiency, security and transparency.

Kris Parthiban, Imex interim CEO and President stated: “This is a very natural combination that enables us to bolt on a best in class e-government platform with a blockchain driven mobile wallet facilitator. Imex is taking advantage of new technology and cost synergies for overall product enhancement and market development. Many governments are struggling to execute on their digital transformation and this partnership is a very timely opportunity for Imex to create substantial and highly scalable revenues and profits.”

In 2018 Imex has successfully piloted cloud offerings for several municipalities in Canada. Imex has developed an aggressive strategy to implement these solutions for at least 200 cities/towns in Canada and the US during the next 5 years, which includes enhancing the existing foothold in Ontario. Internationally Imex has had, or are in, discussions with several state governments in India, Africa, as well as in Australia, which has the potential to be a significant market for Imex in the near term.

Imex Systems Inc. has a market cap of C$ 5.11 m.

The world is going digital. Governments and companies now have opportunities to streamline processes and bill payments using proprietary apps like those provided by Imex Systems Inc. The Company’s recent new strategic partnership with Blockgration Global Group could see a large expansion across international markets by using secure blockchain technology. With opportunities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and North America, Imex has potential to become a true global leader in e-government solutions.