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Putnam on Scandium International’s new ventures testing the use of scandium alloys

“Scandium International has made three recent announcements on Letters of Intent for new ventures testing the use of scandium alloys…” […]

Scandium – The Technology Metals Race Where All are Winners

Australians are such aficionados of gambling that there is an old adage that they will bet upon two flies crawling […]

Scandium International – DFS sets the CAPEX Bar Low

In 2014 when we first brought Scandium to the attention of investors, one of “first movers” was Scandium International Mining […]

Putnam now on fast track to world’s first primary scandium mine

Two years from now, the present-day metal world should see something they have never seen before: a primary scandium mine. […]

Scandium race: two potential Australian projects on fast track

Back in September I posted an interview with George Putnam of Scandium International Mining Corp (TSX:SCY) on how the Australian […]

Putnam on the global scandium demand and Scandium International’s +52.63% stock rise in 2015

February 10, 2016 — In a special InvestorIntel interview, Publisher Tracy Weslosky speaks with George Putnam, President, CEO and Director […]