iSIGN CEO on how the LED ‘Intelligent Sign’ Deal is the Future of Advertising

Alex_RomanovMarch 2, 2016 — In a special InvestorIntel interview, Publisher Tracy Weslosky speaks with Alex Romanov, President, CEO and Director of iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. (TSXV:ISD | “iSIGN”), a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company in the ad tech sector, on the recent deal update with LED Solutions Manufacturing Inc. (LED). Discussing iSIGN’s and LED’s ‘intelligent sign’ solution, Alex explains how this disruptive technology backed by their smart antennae is the future of advertising.

Tracy Weslosky: I want to start by asking you more about the reference to the “Intelligent Sign” in the deal you recently made with LED Solutions and what this deal means?

Alex Romanov: Absolutely. LED Solutions is an outdoor signage company that’s been putting up outdoor signage in very top-level commercial locations throughout Canada, including restaurants, QSR, people like H&R Block, et cetera. The company is going to be the first to offer, what they call, an Intelligent Sign. That means that they will incorporate one of our Smart Antennas into the outdoor signage allowing that particular client or that particular commercial place to message mobile phones that pull into their parking lot, come within proximity, whether they’re coming or a message when they’re leaving. So one way or the other they’ll be interactive with their clients outside the building.

Tracy Weslosky: Of course, for our InvestorIntel audience, I’m sure you’re appreciating, we’ve (iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.) got “intelligent signs”, we’ve got a Smart Antenna and, of course, is this the future of advertising?

Alex Romanov: I think it is. As you know, advertising follows technology. First it was billboards. Then it was radio. Then it’s TV and most recently, of course, laptops, PCs and now mobile devices. Advertising does follow technology.

Tracy Weslosky: I’m very excited about the intelligent signs and very interested in this sector in general. You just made a deal with Rich Multimedia Technologies in airport kiosks. I think I read 5,000 in Mexico. Is this right?

Alex Romanov: Absolutely. We’ve signed a contract, a licensing agreement, to allow Rich Media Technologies to insert our Smart Antenna into their kiosks therefore allowing a customer to take a look at signage on their mobile — on their telephone and at the same time receive coupons and messaging to their phone.

Tracy Weslosky: So it’s my understanding that if I’m at the airport, my phone’s run out of charge, I can hook it in and I get 5 minutes to call anywhere for free. Is this correct?

Alex Romanov: Yes. This is called a media phone. This is the replacement of the old coin phone that we grew up with. What’s happening is that Rich Multimedia Technologies is one of the leaders in introducing what they call, media phones. That’s the category. It allows you to make a free call anywhere in the world or anywhere locally as long as you’re tethered to the screen and you see the advertisements being promoted to you while you’re talking…to access the complete interview, click here

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