The Art of War. Yes, getting even works too….

Last night I watched the 2014 film John Wick thanks to a gentleman I will refer to as my ‘friendly neighbor’. Watching John Wick was a blessing as I desperately needed an antidote to my recent heartbreak. And his efforts to entertain me with the latest Wonder Woman film the previous evenings before had left me underwhelmed. To me, I felt she emasculated the young gentleman who was accompanying her and wondered: how did they miss this mark?

In the mid-70s TV series Wonder Woman Linda Carter was powerful and strong but she was also respectful to the laws of the jungle, and this was sexy…

In John Wick, the ‘bad guy’ Viggo Tarasov states: “John, is a man of focus. Commitment. Sheer will. Something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar… with a pencil. With a fuckin’ pencil.”

A fucking pencil, indeed. Previously not a Keanu Reeves fan, I am today. In this role, he plays a young man caught up in a revenge based formula that somehow equals justice. In fact, the viewer grants Mr. Wick complete moral immunity for killing 3 dozen plus people, because after all, he did it for the right reason – his dog had been killed. And in life, breaking the rules of the Universe has consequences, and cosmic karma must be reset.

We all enjoy a good evil character or two, because negatives can be scintillating and powerful as catalysts for change and better yet – a force towards attracting good fortune. And this morning I was thinking about the new age movement to which I am a member, and how it has everyone I know exorcising all perceived negatives from their lives. I have friends who use this to avoid being up to speed with global news, business associates that will not speak to others with failures and well, this list goes on. But when I really think of those I know with what I perceive to be the greatest life successes, they not only know anger and embrace the ‘dark side’, they in fact – own it.

It seems like everyone from my ‘friendly neighbor’ to the dealmaker calling me this morning want to walk away from the dark side. They want to not only live a life of only positive energies, positive claims and well, hello Mickey Mouse but this reality does not work. The Universe grants no one a free life hall pass on positives.

This morning’s conversation source said to me: “Tracy, its not rage or anger that propels wealth — its passion.” “But how do we get to the point of passion?” I responded.

At some point you had to be angry, get angry, feel rage or desire rage: to desire, need or want to get things moving along…even in my life, it was my greatest heartbreaks that in retrospect forced my hand…forced me to change to survive.

A pleasant change of pace in the love everyone to death until they donate their cash to your illustrious plan of action, which I can assure you does not work. Ah, the secret sauce in wealth magnetism: not only embrace anger, feel it — experience it, and get even.

In a well-known TV series called Lucifer that I watched 13 minutes of Saturday night I watched the villain asks a desperate man: “What is it that you truly desire?”

Ah, the sweet scent of revenge…not only a catalyst for attracting wealth, a God damn magnet.


Disclaimer: The above are notes from a book being written by InvestorIntel founder Tracy Weslosky on wealth magnetism. This is an opinion only, intended for debate, dialogue and entertainment purposes only.