Tourillon on HPQ’s plan for building a 2nd generation PUREVAP ™ pilot plant

Bernard Tourillon, President, CEO and Director of HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. (TSXV: HPQ) (“HPQ”) in an interview with InvestorIntel Senior Editor, Jeff Wareham discuss HPQ’s plan for building a second generation (Gen 2) PUREVAP ™ pilot plant.  HPQ has an exclusive partnership with PyroGenesis Canada Inc., a leader in plasma technology, to develop the PUREVAP ™ Quartz Vaporization Reactor (QVR), a one step process for reducing quartz to high purity silicon. The PUREVAP ™ QVR process produces high purity silicon metal and solar grade silicon metal at a lower cost, while generating less emissions than current processes. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the process of making solar panels and will make solar panels a more competitive source of renewable energy.  The planned Gen 2 PUREVAP ™ plant is a transfer from HPQ’s previous lab scale machine and will process 200 tons of quartz annually.

Jeff Wareham: Bernard I just saw some news come out on a pilot plant that you guys are starting on. Can you tell me where that fits in with your company?

Bernard Tourillon: That is a key prospect because what we are doing is transforming quartz to high-purity silicon metal and solar grade silicon metal. The one we announced today is our intermediary pilot plant we are building. We were working a lab scale machine. It had its limitation. We are building a larger 200 ton per year pilot plant. This one fits right in the middle so it basically mitigates the risk.

Jeff Wareham: Bernard everybody is concerned about costs in the solar industry and particularly in the silicon industry. With this most recent news release do you think we will see any substantial improvement in your cost structure?…to access the complete interview, click here

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