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Orbite turns toxic waste into real value

On May 16, Orbite Aluminae (‘Orbite’, TSX: ORT | OTCQX: EORBF) presented its quarterly results. Some of the highlights that […]

Orbite Aluminae’s Global Patents Drive Changes to the Alumina Industry

April 5, 2013 — Marc Johnson, Vice-President Corporate Development, Orbite Aluminae Inc (TSX: ORT | OTCQX: EORBF) in an interview […]

Orbite Aluminae solves big red Problems while treading toward the Future of Mining

The discovery of metals and raw materials and the ways to extract and combine them in alloys is one of […]

Rare Earths Weekly Review: Rare Earth Meteorite Reminder?

The ProEdgeWire index of rare earths sponsor companies showed an unremarkable share price fluctuation of -3.38%. Among all the companies, […]

Rare Earths and Critical Metals Weekly Review: Don’t count on prices staying low for long

The EU Commission last week announced that Europe has been suffering from bottlenecks in the supply of such key raw […]

Orbite Aluminae uses Environmental Responsibility to extract Rare Earths

Orbite Aluminae (TSX: ORT) and Veolia Environmental, a France based multinational specializing in waste management with projects all over the […]

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