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North America – Awash in Oil.

North America is awash in oil and this was never more evident than yesterday when the monthly contract rollover for […]

Oil Price Tumble – The Action of Cunning Devils

Over the last month oil prices have been in a serious swoon and this then was projected onto equity markets […]

Obama’s ‘red line’ bluff over Syria scares the markets

Obama has decided. In the next few days or possibly weeks, if wiser minds should fail, the United States will […]

Africa holds the Key to Higher Potash Prices

Potash prices are bouncing back. The first sign of a ‘renaissance’ came after the Russian-Belarusian Potash Company the Belarusian Potash […]

Potash Weekly Review: Potash rises on Higher Oil Price Tide

The ProEdgeWire potash partners showed a 20% increase in share price for the month of January. The sector hinted toward […]

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