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Mercedes Benz has better ‘driverless’ car solution than Google…for now

August 14, 2014
| August 14, 2014 | 5 Comments

In the United States there are many companies, especially Google, which have been experimenting with self-driving or ‘driverless’ cars. As […]

Graphite Weekly Review: Record Purity Equals ZEN

February 18, 2013
| February 18, 2013

The biggest general story in the graphite sector since the start of the year has arguably been the European Union’s […]

Graphite Weekly Review: ZEN movement in the Graphite GALAXY

February 12, 2013
| February 12, 2013

The ProEdgeWire sponsor share price index for graphite witnessed a strong rebound last week, increasing almost 40%. There were two […]

Graphite & Graphene Weekly Review: The Contest for Graphene begins

February 05, 2013
| February 05, 2013 | 1 Comment

The biggest news in graphite last week was all related to its graphene derivative. Graphene has been known to exist […]

Billion Dollar Grant Launches Global Graphene Race

January 31, 2013
| January 31, 2013

EU gives Nokia a Billion Euro for R&D launching Global Race for Graphene Graphene is the strongest material ever tested […]

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