Pancontinental Resources’ Layton Croft on battery metals’ nickel, copper, and cobalt

“Electric vehicles — this is not a fad, this is just the beginning of a huge transformation. That is a harbinger for not just cobalt, cobalt is an important commodity even though it has seen a dip in pricing, but it is nickel. What we have done is we have focused on nickel sulfide hosted cobalt-copper play. We think we get kind of a three here in terms of the battery metals story.” States Layton Croft, President, CEO and Director of Pancontinental Resources Corporation (TSXV: PUC), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi.

Peter Clausi: Hey that is a Canadian company if your symbol is PUC. What are you focused on?

Layton Croft: Focusing on battery metals; nickel, copper, and cobalt northwest of Timmins. We have projects. 

Peter Clausi: A lot of mines northwest of Timmins already either historic or currently producing. 

Layton Croft: What we have done is we have staked a new nickel district next to a former mine that is currently owned by Glencore. 

Peter Clausi: What do you call that district? 

Layton Croft: Montcalm Nickel District.

Peter Clausi: It used to be called just the Montcalm Mine, was it not? 

Layton Croft: That is right. We have four projects. The Montcalm Project surrounds the former mine. We have the Gambler Project which is 7,000 hectors, a camp size position. 

Peter Clausi: I have heard of that one. 

Layton Croft: What we have done is the Montcalm Mine was hosted by Gabbro rock. What we have done is effectively staked all the gabbro in the area. We have 7,600 hectors, 4 projects. We are currently drilling on the Montcalm Project, about a 4,000 meter program…to access the complete interview, click here

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