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Lifton on China’s Attitude towards Trudeau’s Proposal for Free Trade

There is no better sign of the fracturing of globalization than Canadian Prime Minister’s, Justin Trudeau’s, announcement of his goal […]

Molycorp, (The Last) Chapter 11 Exit

There is now a good chance that Molycorp will finally exit the scene with a last act that was unfortunately […]

Suspended tantalum and niobium producer Molycorp Silmet to reopen in New Year

Molycorp plans to resume operations at its Molycorp Silmet subsidiary at the beginning of next year. Molycorp Silmet, which is […]

Molycorp – The Great Rummage Sale begins

It is sometimes said that after a nuclear holocaust the only lifeform that will survive will be the cockroach. That […]

Lifton on why Molycorp failed.

What makes a successful mining venture? The answer is the bringing into production of a mine the products of which […]

Parsing the Scandium in the NioCorp PEA

The Elk Creek deposit of NioCorp in Nebraska has become one of those rare “all things to all people” deposits […]

Lifton on asteroid mining rare earths and Molycorp’s Mountain Pass

Some rules don’t change. But that doesn’t mean that our poorly educated journalists have to know of them or even […]

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