CO2 GRO revolutionizing cannabis with a 45% bud value increase

CO2 GRO Inc. (TSXV: GROW) (“GROW”) is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario just announced a 45% increased commercial cannabis bud value growth in trials yesterday. Using their CO2 technologies they are dedicated to increasing the growth of all indoor and outdoor value plants by increasing their clients’ plant yields in a safe, sustainable and economic way. Their CO2 technologies are developed, proven and scalable. GROW are continuing to perform CO2 foliar spray grow trials for cannabis, lettuce, micro greens, flowers and peppers in various growing conditions, using their novel PCT patent pending CO2 Foliar Spray Technology.

CO2 GRO’s mission

The technology works by transferring CO2 gas into water and foliar spraying for use across the entire plant leaf surface area, which is a semi permeable membrane. The dissolved concentrated CO2 then penetrates the leaf’s surface area naturally like concentrated nicotine dissolves through human skin into the bloodstream from a nicotine patch.

GROW has engaged St. Cloud State University research team to evaluate the veracity of its  technology. Initial experimentation was designed to identify the impacts of long term (germination to harvest) exposure to CO2 enriched foliar spray. Results of this initial experiment showed a 4 fold chlorophyll sustained increase. Notable in these initial experiments is the rapidity of physiological response seen in CO2 exposed plants. This data is encouraging and consistent with the hypothesis of significant growth enhancement with CO2 delivery via foliar spray.

Trial verses control test

GROW also has a number of outdoor Canadian cannabis and hemp growth trials pending as well as indoor trials with large cannabis licensed producers (LPs). GROW has six ACMPRs cannabis growth trials underway, with recent results (announced July 25, 2018) showing a 45% increase in cannabis bud value using GROW’s patented spray technology.

John Archibald, CEO and Director of CO2 GRO states: “The whole idea of the patent is it is very unique. It is the only patent in the world that we can find that talks about the spraying of CO2 infused water onto plants. The test results that we are getting now prove it out. We are doing micro-green trials as well. Those are a little shorter than the cannabis trials. There is a variety of companies out there that have gotten into this space both in North America and Europe and it is a huge opportunity for us because we give them that additional growth with the CO2 foliar spray”.

GROW’s global target plant markets are retail food (at $8 trillion per year), retail non-food plants (at an estimated $1 trillion per year), and legal retail cannabis that may reach $50 billion per year by 2022. GROW’s sole focus is working with its plant grower and agri-industrial partners in proving and adopting its CO2 technologies for specific growers’ plant yield needs.

The growing global population and climate change could create food shortages and a heavy demand on fresh food and water supply to feed the planet. The investment opportunity is enormous when one considers the size of the potential market. This is great news for CO2 GRO Inc.