StageZero Life Sciences teams up with resources giant Mercer to detect cancer early

As coronavirus is getting all the attention right now there is another disease that is far more deadly. It killed 9.6 million people in 2017, and every sixth death is because of this disease globally. That disease is Cancer. The sad part is many of these deaths can be prevented if detected and treated early. This is why the world badly needs companies such as StageZero Life Sciences to succeed.

StageZero Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX: SZLS) is a Canadian company focused on developing and commercializing diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer. StageZero has developed the ‘Sentinel Principle’ platform technology which determines bio-markers from whole blood. StageZero’s Aristotle® test is being well received as it is a panel for simultaneously screening for 10 cancers from a single sample of blood with high sensitivity and specificity for each cancer. The Aristotle® platform has been validated on 10,000 patients and used to develop the first liquid biopsy for colorectal cancer.

StageZero’s Aristotle can test for 10 cancers from a single blood sample

StageZero to join with global health and benefits marketplace leader Mercer to help screen for cancer

In recent news, StageZero announced: “StageZero Life Sciences to participate in Mercer’s new vendor database in the U.S.” The purpose is for Mercer Consultants to be able to do streamlined health and benefits vendor research on behalf of their clients in the U.S.

This is a big deal as Mercer is a world leader in the health and benefits marketplace, delivering innovative solutions that address the health and wellness needs of organizations and their employees. Mercer’s clients include a majority of the companies in the Fortune 1000 and FTSE 100. Mercer is also reported to be the world’s largest global asset manager with over US$300 billion outsourced and US$15 trillion under advisement in total. Mercer’s more than 25,000 employees are based in 44 countries, and the firm operates in over 130 countries.  

James Howard-Tripp, Chairman and CEO of StageZero, stated:

“The improved availability of our solution information to Mercer Consultants may help increase our exposure with employers in the U.S. We are very excited to be included in this valuable platform to connect with Mercer consultants.”

Early stage cancer detection helps you become a cancer survivor 

Closing thoughts

As the world focuses its attention on the coronavirus and billions of dollars are wiped from global markets, should we not ask why we are not using StageZero’s 10 in 1 early cancer Aristotle® test. Mercer clearly thinks it is a good idea.

For investors with foresight, we should be able to envisage the day that everyone over 50 should undergo the Aristotle test. If that was to happen then StageZero would suddenly be overrun with orders and anyone who bought the stock now could be investment winners.

Certainly, the latest news of StageZero teaming up with one of the world’s largest human resources companies may be the catalyst to get things moving. At the current market cap of just C$9 million, the upside for StageZero Life Sciences could potentially be very rewarding.