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Global Cannabis Applications CEO on the blockchain technology that is changing the face of the medical cannabis market

Brad Moore, CEO and Director of Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (CSE: APP | OTCQB: FUAPF) (“Global Cannabis”), a global leader […]

Marijuana Decrim Will Not Take Place on Feds’ Timeline

International investors are convinced that the decriminalization of marijuana in Canada is imminent. The only assumption underpinning otherwise unjustifiable valuations […]

The Big Green Cannabis Handshake

Regardless of opinion on the subject of marijuana legalization, a booming market is eventually going to have its needs met […]

A Timeline for Decriminalization of Marijuana

Even though KellyAnne Conway claims otherwise, a fact is a fact, and there can be no ‘alternative facts’. And it […]

Marijuana decriminalization inevitable because “the public wants it”

We recently considered skyrocketing stock prices related to the possible decriminalizing of marijuana for recreational use. In short, we see […]

Whistling Past the Marijuana Graveyard

The marijuana community in Canada is enjoying a huge surge in value, driven by the federal government’s looser medical regulations […]

Assisted Dying and Medical Marijuana

The failure of Canada’s Parliament to address the highly sensitive issue of physician-assisted dying has left doctors and patients without […]

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