Sage Gold’s one-two punch drill results

Nigel Lees, President, CEO and Director of Sage Gold Inc. (TSXV: SGX) in an interview with InvestorIntel CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss the Clavos and Onaman projects. Following up from our last interview with Nigel, he comes bearing drill results from the two sites. The Clavos project in Timmins, Canada stretches 9,300 meters and is comprised of high-grade areas. Drill results from the Onaman project in Beardmore, Canada, have also showed high grade gold results, which contain zinc and silver and intercepts. Nigel tells us to expect the first shipments of ore this coming fall.

Tracy Weslosky: In our ongoing updates on “Make Sage Great Again”, we now have drilling results from Clavos. Can you tell us what you found?

Nigel Lees: This is a drill program of 9,300 meters and mainly underground, but there’s going to be exploration. We’re going to be able to drill some very high-grade targets from the underground, which is very economic and very rapid.

Tracy Weslosky: You’ve also just announced a drilling program with Onaman. Can you talk to us about this one?

Nigel Lees: The Onaman results came out. It was a very successful program. We’re going to be following it up with a summer program and in the winter a major drilling program. We’ve got some good intercepts with zinc, silver, gold. The gold results were somewhat surprising and we were very pleased with some high-grade gold.

Tracy Weslosky: Of course, all of you gold bugs out there should probably have Sage on your radar because you’ll be producing this fall. Is that correct?

Nigel Lees: The plan is that we’ll be producing this fall. Right now we’ve dewatered it down to about 150 meters. When we get down to 225 we’ll be drilling from underground and developing stopes from there. We’re aiming for September to ship our first ore.

Tracy Weslosky: With #makesagegreatagain we should be anticipating a lot of activity here in the next quarter or two as you move towards production. Can you tell us what we should anticipate?

Nigel Lees: Absolutely. On the drilling side, as I mentioned, we’re going to be drilling into very high-grade. Kinross in 1999 drilled a hole which was 53 grams, which is about 2 ounces over 4.2 meters. There’s other high-grade in the area so very high-grade drilling results. As we develop ore and ship ore that’s going to be a very big event…to access the full interview, click here

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