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The future of the potash market is bullish in view of favorable hints from Moscow and Minsk…

Potash & Phosphate Week-in-Review: The InvestorIntel Potash & Phosphate members average for the week ending September 6th lost -1.09%. Aguia […]

Potash gains take some analysts and investors by surprise

Potash & Phosphate Week-in-Review: The InvestorIntel Potash Sponsor membership for the week ending on August 16 gained +5.69%. Most of […]

Uralkali fires first shot in the potash price war..but do not panic

Uralkali has launched the equivalent of a blitzkrieg on the potash market by announcing it would abandon the Belarus Potash […]

Magna’s 30% rally lifts potash plays in Utah’s Paradox Basin

Potash and Phosphate Week in Review: InvestorIntel’s Potash & Phosphate members rose 5.8% for the week ending on July 19. The […]

Potash investors should focus more on global population than market trends

There are few commodities that have been as volatile and as ripe with contradictory reports as potash over the past […]

Western and Allana lead a potash recovery in May

ProEdgeWire Potash and Phosphate Month in Review for May 2013: In May the ProEdgeWire Potash and phosphate Index rose 4.97%; […]

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