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Catching the world with our rare earths contingency pants down

The rare earths market has had its ups and downs the past few years. In particular, the US-China trade war […]

No matter a bidding war or the trade war, Lynas set to benefit

Called the technology metals for good reason, rare earth elements (REE) touch every part of our lives. Our smartphones, our […]

Lynas positioned well with increased market attention on rare earths.

As most investors already know, rare earths are not really rare. Despite this it is hard to find large scale […]

Lynas CEO Amanda Lacaze on negotiating time and an estimated $70 million in interest savings

“The most important thing is the time because, as you know and as everybody who’s observed the rare earths market […]

Amanda Lacaze of Lynas presents: The story of a turnaround start-up

January 28, 2016 — Amanda Lacaze, CEO for Lynas Corporation Ltd. (ASX:LYC up +45.59% & OTCQX:LYSDY up +32.83% in 2015) […]