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Performance of REE Leaders confirms market turnaround

The share performance of the only two producers of rare earths outside of China Lynas Corp (ASX: LYC) and Molycorp […]

REE’s experience a market turnaround despite continued volatility

ProEdgeWire Rare Earths and Critical Minerals Month in Review: After the massive crash with multi-year lows in mid-April, REE shares […]

The Rare Earth Space ‘A Culling of the Herd, and the Survivors’ (Part 3: Austral-Asia)

Over the last three years I’ve spent significant time in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. I am speaking twice […]

The Lynas LAMP is Lit

“The LAMP is lit. I want to congratulate Lynas on achieving its first rare earth production, today, February 27, 2013, at […]

Rare Earth & Critical Minerals Weekly Review: The Erosion of China’s Monopoly begins

The prices of high-tech metals have long been on a roller coaster ride. The near-monopoly of the People’s Republic of […]

Lynas wins another legal battle against SMSL

The Australian rare earth producer Lynas Corp (ASX: LYC) announced today that the Kuantan High Court has rejected yet another […]

Rare Earths and Critical Minerals Weekly Review: a Dash of Molycorp and some Optimism

The rare earths sector generated considerable speculation last week as Chinese statistics show that China produced much less rare earths […]