Neometals CEO on Partnerships with Ganfeng Lithium, Mineral Resources and the Lithium Market

Chris Reed, Managing Director of Neometals Ltd. (ASX: NMT) in an interview with InvestorIntel Editor Peter Clausi discuss lithium research and development (R&D). This interview focuses on Neometals’ Mt. Marion Lithium Project and their two owned R&D labs, located in Buffalo, U.S.A and Montreal, Canada. Chris shares that Neometals’ has partnered with Ganfeng Lithium “as a large equity partner and offtaker”, and with Mineral Resources, as a project developer, for their Mt. Marion Lithium Project.

Peter Clausi: Neometals has had a fascinating year. You had your finger in a lot of different metal pies, but right now you’re focusing on lithium.

Christopher Reed: We’re producing lithium from the Mt. Marion lithium mine. We’ve got a small interest in that. It’s the world’s second largest source of lithium feedstocks. We’re now concentrating our efforts towards down streaming our share of production in a couple of years’ time. We’ve developed some Lithium-Titanate anode, which is another step down. Then we’ve developed some lithium battery recycling technology, essentially urban mining the lithium batteries at the end of life.

Peter Clausi: Let’s talk about Mt Marion. What stage of production is it at?

Christopher Reed: Mt Marion has had 3 shipments away. The fourth shipment leaves this month. The ramp up is going very well. We’ll produce at full capacity about 400,000 tons of concentrates containing about 50,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent.

Peter Clausi: Do you own the entire project, part of it, or a joint venture?

Christopher Reed: We’ve sold down parts. We brought in two big partners. We have Ganfeng Lithium as a large equity partner and offtaker and Mineral Resources, who are a leading Australian project developer.

Peter Clausi: You’re getting revenue from that and then in the middle you have your own research and development team that’s looking at other applications.

Christopher Reed: Correct. Actually a lot of it is done in Canada. We have an R&D lab in Montreal. Initially we came to Montreal as part of the titanium project because Quebec has very large resources of hard rock titanium.

Peter Clausi: Right.

Christopher Reed: We have a small facility down in Buffalo, where we do the lithium electrolysis. That’s a technology that we’re hoping to commercialize to produce lithium hydroxide from our lithium feedstocks…to access the full interview, click here

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