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Japan’s rediscovered economic success to fuel return of Nuclear Power

May 15, 2013
| May 15, 2013

The Japanese economy has started to improve according to the latest indicators. GDP growth is expected to increase 3.1% in […]

Japanese elections hail the return of Nuclear Energy, a Uranium Revival and Shift in Rare Earths Sourcing

December 17, 2012
| December 17, 2012

The election of Shinzo Abe as Japan’s prime minister has reshuffled the energy supply cards in favor of nuclear power. […]

Sustainability a winning strategy with Benefits for Colombian Uranium Play

December 05, 2012
| December 05, 2012

U3O8 Corp. (TSX: UWE, OTCQX:  UWEFF) is advancing the Berlin Project in Colombia’s province of Caldas. The project has defined […]

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