A technology incubator that offers a green sky for the cannabis industry

The cannabis sector will soon get another boost. New cannabis products such as edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts will become legal to sell in Canada in mid-December 2019. Added to that is continued progress on the legalization of cannabis use globally. The following countries are all moving towards cannabis legalization and any could be next – USA, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Colombia, Peru, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Iceland and France. All this change leads to innovation. In particular better ways to extract and consume cannabis, especially for medicinal purposes.

Green Sky Labs Inc. (GSL) is a technology incubator for the cannabis industry with five business verticals that are currently being commercialized. By bringing capital and superior science and technologies, GSL is improving the current standards of cannabis extraction. With a common goal, the focus for the Company’s team of experienced business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, professors, researchers and administrators is clear: To drive innovation, better products, and better outcomes in the cannabinoid industry, from plant to patient and all stages in between.

Green Sky Labs five business verticals that are currently being commercialized

1) Kalmex Inc. (Membrane-based extraction technology)

With their strategic partners, PetroSep Corporation and Kayzan Holdings, GSL has formed a new company, Kalmex Inc., to commercialize the membrane technology licensed to GSL by PetroSep. Kalmex is in the design and planning stages of building its initial facility in California, targeting production in Q4 2020. At full capacity Kalmex’s anticipated 5 tonne feed extraction facility is expected to harvest approximately 10 acres of biomass on a daily basis. With outdoor grown hemp being more robust, significantly cheaper and more widely available than marijuana, it will be highly complementary to Kalmex’s large scale technology.

2) Trichome Agronomy (Manitoba hemp)

By leveraging its relationship with the Manitoba government and its hemp processing research GSL is developing an opportunity in the hemp industry. The Company has contracted local farmers in Manitoba to grow 4,200 acres of hemp using high CBD yielding hemp varieties. The Company anticipates its new processing facility will be completed in January 2020 and begin to generate cash flow shortly thereafter.

3) Nectar Health Sciences (Cannabinoid isolation technology)

Nectar Health Sciences was formed in the Spring of 2019 as a new subsidiary to commercialize proprietary, chemistry-based cannabinoid isolation technology. Several recent breakthroughs have made the process scalable for commercialization. Detailed engineering of a commercial system has commenced with the first commercial operation expected by Q3 2020 in Western Canada.

4) My Pain Sensei (Chronic pain)

Green Sky Labs Chronic Pain Partnership collaboration with IBM Watson has created a disruptive solution to address how chronic pain is diagnosed, treated and managed. My Pain Sensei is a web portal and mobile application for the management of chronic pain. It operates as a real time, diagnostic, analysis and treatment tool for the public and medical community.

5) Viscuris (Cannabinoid pharmaceutical)

GSL has a 50% equity share in Viscuris, a cannabinoid pharmaceutical venture. The other partner is the International Center for Cannabis Therapy (ICCT). Based in Prague Czech Republic, ICCT has over 70 scientists conducting cannabinoid research. Viscuris will be introducing cannabis-based health & wellness products to global markets as well as conducting clinical trials for high-value indications.


This continuing revolution has come from the education and understanding of the many uses that cannabinoids and hemp based products give. In Canada, both “cannabis” and “industrial hemp” are legal for medical and recreational uses at the federal level. The exploding cannabis market in Canada will also soon mean licensed vendors can sell cannabis edibles, oils and tinctures. New estimates from cannabis industry analysts forecast the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022.

Unlike THC, the chemical compound that gives weed its signature effect, CBD has been shown to help with everything from PTSD and anxiety, to MS and epilepsy, without getting you high. The day is coming when your Doctor will prescribe a CBD product to ease your pain, or for other health reasons such as Parkinsons or Motor Neuron Disease, and other severe neuralgic conditions, to name just a few.

Green Sky Labs Inc. is at the forefront of innovation and commercialization, and with so much happening will be sure to remain on investor’s radar. The Company is currently private and has been financed mostly by private placements.