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Do Iranian aluminium projects carry more risk?

Core Consultants recently evaluated the merits of Iran’s various investments into their aluminum industry and the potential to procure bauxite […]

Ecclestone on the Iranian Mining Market: Potential “Huge”

As emerging markets go the last great unopened can of beans is Iran. With the removal of international sanctions on trade […]

OPEC and Saudi Arabia show the world who’s the boss

Oil production will not be cut, as there was no formal revision of the 30 barrels a day  limit that […]

An effective anti-ISIS strategy must include all regional powers

“We are not at war with Islam, which teaches peace….there are millions of American Muslims who are part of this […]

The ISIS led war in Iraq keeps oil prices high and protects OPEC interests

The Saudis have not liked the United States’ re-orientation of strategic interests in the Middle East – thanks to its […]

Global oil supply destined to increase as Iran and the West reach historic diplomatic breakthrough

Despite internal opposition, Iran’s new president, Hassan Rohani’s more open foreign policy has started to show results. Today, Rohani addressed […]

The Syrian Crisis and the rise of BRICS: an economic and geopolitical Argument against Intervention

Two Israeli air raids last week against Syrian military facilities, are said to be responsible for killing 42 Syrian soldiers, […]