Critical Materials Industry Expert Jack Lifton Joins Board of InvestorIntel Corp.

Toronto, June 2, 2021 —, ‘the stock source’ for investors in the capital markets, is pleased to announce that Critical Materials industry expert Jack Lifton has joined its Board.

“I am delighted that Jack Lifton has joined our Board,” said InvestorIntel founder Tracy Weslosky. “We first met in 2008 as guests on CNBC’s Squawk Box in an episode on rare earths. I was with him in Alaska in 2011 when he coined the term ‘Technology Metals’, and we have been referring to these heavily sought-after magnetic materials and EV materials as such ever since. Since then, he has been as speaker at over half a dozen of our annual Technology Metals Summits,” Tracy continued, “and pens a weekly column for us which often trends in our Top 10 most read content on our site. An expert on supply chain issues facing many of the critical materials controlled outside of the United States, Jack will be hosting a series on called the Critical Materials Corner.”

Jack Lifton is the CEO of Jack Lifton, LLC and is a consultant, author, and lecturer on the market fundamentals of technology metals. Critical Materials include copper, the rare earths, the platinum group metals, the steel alloy metals, lithium, cobalt, graphite and most of the rare critical metals and materials necessary for our health, safety, and technologies, both consumer and military.

“Critical Materials play an increasingly vital role in future technologies,” said Jack Lifton, “and has been at the forefront of bringing issues and opportunities to investors for more than a decade. I am very pleased to be joining the Board to continue to bring the importance of this sector to a wider audience.”

Jack is on several technical advisory boards in the mining and metal refining sector and is also a founding co-principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC. He has advised governmental agencies both at home and abroad on metals industries supply chain issues and has done extensive due diligence on mining, refining, and the fabrication of metals for financial institutions globally. He is a member of numerous professional societies and is a frequent speaker at both professional and industry events on both the markets for technology metals and materials, and on the use of new and newly applied technologies for the extraction, refining and fabrication of rare metals and materials.

About InvestorIntel Corp.

Celebrating 20 years in business, InvestorIntel Corp. is the Publisher for the stock source for investors in the capital markets. A leading online source of investor information written by top-ranked analysts and business journalists, offers an ii8 Program for public companies seeking to increase brand awareness. The ii8 Program, which features video interviews with well-known market hosts, also includes access to a Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY) license for the creation of their own videos and building compelling marketing presentations. Additional benefits include hosting a Q&A driven event, daily data-driven market feeds through, and breaking news social media alerts through

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Peter Clausi of InvestorIntel Interviews Chris Thompson of eResearch on Initiating Coverage of Moovly Media Inc.

Moovly has struck a chord with large enterprise customers seeking to integrate a feature-rich video creation system into existing platforms

Toronto, April 23, 2021 — Peter Clausi with, a leading online source of investor information, interviews Chris Thompson, President of eResearch Corp., the independent source of equity research, about his latest analyst report on Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY).

In this InvestorIntel interview, which may also be viewed on YouTube (click here to subscribe to the InvestorIntel Channel), Peter has Chris discussing his price target for Moovly, the catalysts behind the stock’s continued growth and why he thinks you should consider becoming a shareholder. Chris evaluates the company using revenue projections and a discounted cash flow with Moovly’s focus on larger Enterprise Customers and its steady stream of partnership news to validate his position.

Chris starts when Peter asks why the stock has performed so well this last quarter, “the product itself has grown; it’s got now 3.7 million users who are using the Application. It also has got some great partnerships and I think that just the momentum of those announcements and those deals have helped investors become more aware of the company — it must be driving revenue upwards as well.”

He adds: “They do have a good e-commerce base that’s out there growing steadily month on month, but they had a bit of a boost with the COVID stay at home (audience) where people wanted to make videos. Moovly focuses on (offering) a feature-rich platform for video creation and so it really sort of keyed in for people staying at home and wanting to create videos from home. “

“But I think more and more it’s the enterprise customers who are coming in who are using some of their features like their API to integrate into their own products — as they also have an automation tool that allows you to customize videos very quickly… those types of features have really sort of struck a chord with the larger enterprise clients who are looking for a partner on the video creation platform.”

To watch the full interview, click here 

About eResearch Corporation

eResearch Corporation is a respected source for institutional-quality, equity research focused primarily on small- and mid-cap companies. The focus is on identifying companies that have interesting prospects, sound management, and significant potential for share price appreciation. The company complements its corporate research coverage with a diversified selection of informative, insightful, and thought-provoking research publications from a wide variety of investment professionals. The professional investment research and analysis is provided directly to the subscriber network of discerning investors, electronically through its website ( and through social media. 

About Moovly Media Inc.

Moovly is the leading provider of creative cloud-based tools to create compelling marketing, communications and training videos and video presentations. Moovly’s advanced Studio Editor with millions of assets seamlessly integrated (via partnerships with Getty Images & Storyblocks) is all you need to create engaging video content to promote, communicate or explain your product, service or message. With clients including users from over 300 of the Fortune 500, small businesses, freelancers and Ivy League universities, Moovly is an intuitive, cost-effective choice for DIY creation of engaging video-based content.

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This presentation may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation.  Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and assumptions of management of the Company as of the date made. They are inherently susceptible to uncertainty and other factors that could cause actual events/results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements. Additional risks and uncertainties, including those that the Company does not know about now or that it currently deems immaterial, may also adversely affect the Company’s business or any investment therein.

Any projections given are principally intended for use as objectives and are not intended, and should not be taken,  as assurances that the projected results will be obtained by the Company. The assumptions used may not prove to be accurate and a potential decline in the Company’s financial condition or results of operations may negatively impact the value of its securities. Prospective investors are urged to review the Company’s profile on and to carry out independent investigations in order to determine their interest in investing in the Company.

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InvestorIntel ii8 System Clients Average 253% Share Price Increase in 2020

Toronto, January 15, 2021 —, the stock source, is pleased to announce that at the end of 2020 market close, the average percentage share price increase for its ii8 System users was 253%.

“A great story requires a worthy audience,” said InvestorIntel founder Tracy Weslosky. “In covering so many geopolitically driven stocks over the years, we have attracted a formidable global audience of investors. And our audience demanded that our site be simple and easy to use with content worth reading and video worth watching. Our award-winning analysts and editorial team focus on performance and accurately covering financial achievements in the capital markets.”

Through 2020 InvestorIntel made numerous additions to its highly respected platform, including:

InvestorIntel also introduced the integration of a newly designed fintech system for monitoring sectors through its InvestorChannel Watchlist series.

Tracy Weslosky adds: “We offer our content complimentary – no sign-ups, tracking or ‘premium content’ paywalls. The ii8 System members are companies that have heard of us through referrals. And colleagues in our network are driven by performance and reputation, not sales. So, they will only introduce us to companies that will reflect positively on them.”

“I think the average percentage share price increase of 253% for our ii8 System users reflects our ability to see emerging trends and identify underappreciated and undervalued companies,” Weslosky continued. “The goal of our ii8 System is simple – achieve effective market valuation. To do this requires a credible investment audience that follows and rewards company milestones with their hard-earned investment dollars.”

As a leading investor information source, has over 10 million hits per month with 250,000 unique visitors, plus 10,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel. Its investor audience is 45% American, followed by 20% Canadian, 18% Australian, and 15% European. InvestorIntel produces daily original content, interviews and videos from emerging and established companies, with reporting and commentary by industry and sector experts.

Among InvestorIntel’s contributors are award winning analyst Frederick Kozak who heads up Critical Materials, entrepreneur and compliance expert Peter Clausi who conducts CEO video interviews, and Chris Thompson, President and Director of Research at eResearch Corporation. Senior Editor Matt Bohlsen, who just recently placed in Top 100 Financial Bloggers, summed it up best when he said, “I spend my time looking for the best investing trends such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, top tech trends, and gold. My goal remains to build long term wealth for my readers by bringing to light top tier investment ideas.”

They join other leading investor sources, market sector leaders, and market experts to provide investors with daily market updates via InvestorIntel and social media outlets.

“2020 was critical on many levels for us,” Weslosky concluded, “as we transformed our ii8 System towards an independent written source for investors interested in the public markets. One of our clients, Brendon Grunewald of Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY), joined us as a Director, and we continue to add value to our member companies by extending a licensed version of its award-winning Moovly Max video creation platform to ii8 System users. We’re looking forward to a great 2021.”

About is a leading online source of investor information that provides public market coverage for both investors and industry alike. Offering coverage of emerging markets and investment opportunities to discerning investors, InvestorIntel is considered an online influencer in analysis, videos and podcast reports, and cohosts Investor Talks for self-directed investors weekly online in partnership with MI3 Communications. 

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InvestorIntel Announces Partnership with InvestorChannel for Daily Distribution of Data Driven Market Watchlists

Leading investor source, market sector leaders and market experts unite to provide investors with daily market updates via social media outlets

Toronto, August 13, 2020 —, a leading online source of investor information, is pleased to announce its partnership with, a daily data-driven market sector update system that is all video.

“Every time the headlines discuss Chinese-US tensions, investors call me and ask me to send them a list of rare earths’ companies trading in the public markets,” said Tracy Weslosky, founder of and co-founder of “For example, gold breaks $2,000, or a new Esports CEO does a riveting interview on the increasing audience and revenue for online gaming, and my email inbox fills with the same questions from investors. So, I called Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY) CEO and co-Founder Brendon Grunewald in Brussels and said – help me. Help me figure out a way to tweet out a compliant-friendly update on the sectors that are fun to watch and helps me share the list of the sector-leading public companies we at InvestorIntel follow and get an idea of how they are really doing.” provides both novice and professional investors with timely information to shape their decision-making. “After all,” she continued, “the conventional investor media told me every single day that I couldn’t lose if I bought cannabis or crypto stocks last year, but if I had a tool that actually compared how 20 or so companies were actually faring – I could get a real handle on what’s really happening, instead of having to rely on what people are telling me is going on.”

Moovly Media CEO Brendon Grunewald has a vision for “I thought we would take things up a notch by using the market leading video automation technology of Moovly Media and combining it with intelligently designed software to grab data from a range of both proprietary and publicly available data sources. We can use that to produce interesting market updates, such as the top gainers on an exchange for the day or best performing companies in a specific sector. The result is a platform that is designed to produce an ever-growing amount of insightful content in the most effective online communication medium, Video.

In addition to a US, CDN, UK and Hong Kong Markets update watchlist, there are also a dozen sponsored watchlists that run daily on InvestorChannel:

About is a leading online source of investor information that provides public market coverage for both investors and industry alike. Offering coverage of emerging markets and investment opportunities to discerning investors, InvestorIntel is considered an online influencer in analysis, videos and podcast reports and hosts Investor Talks for self-directed investors online.

About is a data-driven fintech company that is focused on using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and other analytics technologies to develop a platform that produces timely, insights into companies and industries listed on the capital markets. Updates are published in video and disseminated via a variety of online channels through partner Updates are published on an InvestorChannel YouTube channel (click here to subscribe) and automatically tweeted out daily through @TracyWeslosky.

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Father of “Technology Metals” Jack Lifton joins InvestorIntel Founder Tracy Weslosky to Launch the Technology Metals Show

CEOs, Scientists and Thought Leaders Discuss the Global Hunt for Critical Materials on an Exclusive Members Only Site

Toronto/Detroit, April 20 13, 2020 — Did you know that the U.S. Department of Defense is committing millions of dollars to bring rare earth manufacturing back to the United States, which makes this the most aggressive U.S. government intervention into the rare earths market in history?

And its not just rare earths, the uranium market has surged over 30% in just the last month — the race for critical materials is on. A global hunt is heating up to source a qualified hit list of 35 critical materials recognized by the U.S. Government that fuels international markets and global politics is the driver for the new Technology Metals Show.

Watch industry leaders in conversation with world-renowned rare earths expert Jack Lifton who coined the term “technology metals” go head-to-head through debate and discussion…or, catch a hard-hitting interview with critical materials’ consultant and investment banker Tracy Weslosky with questions no one else is asking! The site is your one-stop site for behind the scenes discussions, interviews and debates with industry leaders, investors, scientists and government officials.

In 2008 Jack Lifton and Tracy Weslosky went head to head on the issues relating to sustainability, rare earths and critical materials on CNBC’s Squawk box — only to discover, they were on the same side. Click here to find out Why Subscribe? or Subscribe Here

Aware of the increasing prioritization to secure the supply of 35 recognized critical materials by the U.S. Government, COVID-19 (the coronavirus) has kicked the sourcing mandate into overdrive. What was as one investor described as a “five minutes to midnight” scenario for savvy investors, has evolved into a reprioritization from the industry to the development and buildout of a critical materials supply chain, the clock is ticking…

The Technology Metals Show addresses 3-priorities that must now be set in the race for critical materials:

  1. The identification and prioritization of the individual critical materials necessary for our economic health;
  2. What steps are required to establish supply chains of enough of these critical materials to achieve a secure, readily accessible supply of critical materials for the consumer products’ industry as well as the defense industry; and,
  3. How we secure the skilled and experienced professionals (managers, engineers, and scientists) to implement and maintain total domestic supply chains for critical materials and the products they enable.

Led by Detroit-based critical materials expert and U.S. Government consultant Jack Lifton in regular conversations with critical materials’ leaders, along with investment banker Tracy Weslosky who follows our capital market drivers — the Technology Metals Show is committed to providing regular updates for industry and investors as we track these 35 qualified critical materials and the supply chains we need to achieve sustainability.

Click here to subscribe to the Technology Metals Show and get exclusive access to member only content through this exclusive site! Or Log-In Here for the latest conversations, debates, updates and interviews with the leaders, thought leaders and investors focused on issues relating to sustainability in the critical materials sector.


For more information on the Technology Metals Show email us at or reach us direct at +1 (416) 546-9233

PDAC 2020: The Canary in the Resource Market?

InvestorIntel Powers Up with Moovly Media Technology for #PDAC2020 Market News and Interview Coverage.

PDAC may best be described as our canary in the market. Simply put, PDAC is the best event of the year for anyone who wants to truly understand what is happening in the resource sector. The evidence is everywhere. Just take a quick review of Forbes’ wealthiest billionaires, and while Hollywood stars have sizzle and fame, the evidence is that if you want to go where the real money is – then you must be in the resource game.

The resource sector affects every sector in our market. And having grown up moving from community to community as the offspring of a mining family, this training allowed me to not only see the world from this perspective but appreciate the role it plays.

Mining builds our communities and creates the rationale behind our logistics, and at the end of the day…. those little smartphones we are all addicted to – and the technology that drives them and connects them, cannot operate without our resources.

So, whether it’s the coronavirus, which has just literally begun to impact our critical materials’ supply chain — or the significant palladium bull market, we at InvestorIntel will be at “the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention” with our InvestorIntel t-shirts on! Hosted by the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada from March 1-4th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada, we will be on Stage 1, Level 700 from 10 AM – 5 PM Sunday, Monday and Tuesday; and from 9 AM – noon on Wednesday.

But this year we have a surprise for you…

If you can’t make it to the show, subscribe to our YouTube channel or connect to us via LinkedIn and Twitter as we are aiming to break records for best show coverage to date!

How do we plan on doing this? Welcome our media technology partners Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY | OTCQB: MVVYF), whose CEO Brendon Grunewald will be flying all the way from Belgium to do their famous “moovlies”!

A publicly listed company, our Sr Editor Matt Bohlsen sent us a quick overview on Moovly for your review. He writes:

Moovly is already used by >300 of the Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, freelancers and top schools and universities. In recent times Moovly Media has become popular in the business and education sectors, with their new offerings “Business” and “Edu Max” subscriptions. New clients included Amadeus IT Group (15,000 employees), and clients in the education system including a global reseller partnership distribution agreement with Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL).

In fact, 3 million plus digital media users are already benefiting from Moovly technology. The Company has already become revenue positive and expects to become cashflow positive in 2020.

Moovly Presentation, click here

Hope to see you at the PDAC convention!

Again, with #PDAC2020 only a week away (March 1-4) if you would like to learn more, drop us a line at +1 416 792 8228, or click here to register here

To be a Billionaire or not? The Canadian Cannabis Breakfast Club struggles with U.S. border entry concerns.

You know there was something to be said for growing up in the seventies and eighties, life simply wasn’t this complicated. We were supposed to have 5 servings of milk, meat and fruit daily, exercise and if one was an overachiever they secured a Presidents Fitness Award patch. “The Cosby Show” was ranked #1 for being a good ‘safe’ family television should you get caught with weed in your wallet: you went to jail….

It was 1985 and I was graduating from Jefferson County High School in Jefferson County, Tennessee. This remotely positioned Triple A football loving high school with nearly 2000 students, required a ride to school to survive. My ride was a friend’s souped-up Chevy with a set of bull horns on the front, this was the year “The Breakfast Club” film was a box office hit, we lived in a dry county.

My introduction to weed was through a club attempting to be Banksy in this rural community by graffitiing the letters “FHO” on any water towers they could find. Later I would discover that this rebel group’s acronym stood “for hell raisers only”, a music lover I was impressed they had jerry-rigged a radio station together with a 4-mile transmission radius we could only access at school: this was the year Guns N’ Roses were formed.

It’s very hard to get people to articulate their honest opinions on anything never mind a topic that will send you to jail. And the fact is — that in 1985, if you smoked dope, you went to jail. What one didn’t do is light up during a press conference to attract the support of what has become the largest group of fast rising billionaires in the global market: what I am now going to affectionately refer to as the Canadian Cannabis Breakfast Club, the CCBC.

Should we give the CCBC a hand for making money after we are still dealing with the endless law suits from those addicted to tobacco or friends still fighting the addiction? After all, in the eighties, we not only drove fast (without seatbelts), we smoked in our cars while driving. On the other hand, we were not fighting an opioid crisis, or the many other challenges that we deal with today.

But hey, they tell us its ok if we chew on it instead? Health benefits, I have read and reviewed tell us that it will help children with seizures, help us deal with pain, even get our mojo going! As Sharron Clayton from our management team stated best – “I am on the fence.”

In the market to make money, one must recognize performance. And this group of high-risk investors, placing their hard-earned money into the most high-risk market in modern day memory — the cannabis sector, have made all us wish we were CCBC elite.

Could this be another how the ‘bad kid kicks ****’ in the market theme again? Is there anyone beyond me wondering how did we miss out on getting rich (again)? Better yet, can we still get into this market and make money? Now the rational minds steps in, and we must ask, ok if we can still get in and we do manage to get wickedly wealthy, can we then still visit our family and friends in the U.S. and shower them with gifts?

This is the intro to a CCBC series that the InvestorIntel Editorial Board has been debating non-stop for over 4-years now. With input from our editorial team, we are going to delve into significant issues facing our fast-rising CCBC billionaires, starting with what we deem to be their #1 critical challenge today with the classic: “But I am rich and can’t get into the U.S. problem….”

Let’s see if we can help, shall we?

Last week, two of the biggest pot companies — Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED | NYSE: CGC) and Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX: ACB | OTCQB: ACBFF) — saw their shares fall 14 and 9 per cent, respectively, on Thursday, the day a Politico report came out citing a senior U.S. border official that Canadians who invest in cannabis companies or work in the industry could be denied entry in the USA, even after the Cannabis Act is in place and cannabis is legal in Canada. Our email inboxes were flooded…but we already dealt with this, I responded to many…

It is not the first time this kind of narrative has affected the share price of cannabis stocks. In January of this year, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked of the Cole Memo also rattled the cannabis industry with anxiety, which incited a market correction from which most cannabis stocks have recovered since then.

One of my associates reassures me that Canadian cannabis industry stakeholders are not being singled out. Then adds: “In the USA the use and possession of cannabis is illegal under federal law for any purpose, by way of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Under the CSA, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I substance, determined to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use – thereby prohibiting even medical use of the drug. At the state level, however, policies regarding the medical and recreational use of cannabis vary greatly, and in many states conflict significantly with federal law.”

Today, the medical use of cannabis is legal (with a doctor’s recommendation) in 31 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico. Fifteen other states have laws that limit THC content, for the purpose of allowing access to products that are rich in cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Although cannabis remains a Schedule I drug, the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment prohibits federal prosecution of individuals complying with state medical cannabis laws.

The recreational use of cannabis is legal in 9 states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington) plus the District of Columbia, and decriminalized in another 13 states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands.

On Thursday, cannabis stocks corrected, which we should see as not more than a sign of an extremely active investment market. Already the correction from last Thursday has been offset by gains in the following three trading sessions. Does this mean that no one believes this is an issue or they simply don’t care?

Corrections are inevitable. Canadian cannabis stocks have been “soaring” for a few weeks in anticipation worldwide, for the Cannabis Act on October 17. This does not affect the fundamentals of the industry. Neither does it affect optics.  Realistically the Canadian market is unchanged.  The Colorado market is unchanged. California, the biggest cannabis market is the USA is unchanged, the European demand for medical cannabis is unchanged.

Fiona Brown and Partner at Aird & Berlis wrote us in response to the question about whether an investor in the cannabis sector can get into the U.S. or not with: “If you indicate you have invested in or are doing business with a US-based cannabis company, whether directly or indirectly, you may be denied entry or barred permanently from entering the US. This is because cannabis is still a controlled substance that is illegal under US federal laws. However, so far, it seems that US officials have not taken the same level of interest in Canadians who are strictly involved with the Canadian cannabis industry.”

Still unsure of whether one can risk this lifetime barring for travel, one of our editors who asked that he be kept nameless, said: “Regardless the threat of a travel ban has existed for years. U.S. cannabis industry stakeholders would be right to scoff at this.” Adding: “Let’s not forget the fundamentals of the cannabis market:  there is a huge demand for medical and recreational cannabis worldwide. We should expect a time when cannabis will not be Schedule 1 drug along with heroin.”

Alright one source seems to think we should ‘scoff’ at this, and believe me, we all want to believe this, just as we all want to be asked to join the CCBC; but I have travelled through the border too many times to count and well, with Trudeau and Trump not exactly each other’s best friends today, could this be a fast way for the border patrol to make a point?

Not sure I want to be that illustrious example, the conclusion I have today is that “it depends”. If your border patrol officer doesn’t ask, no one cares. If they ask, then how do you answer? I mean if you only own shares in a CBD oil company that comes from hemp, does that count?

More investigation is needed. For now, we watch, wait and try and separate the endless fiction online as no one wants to be dealing with a lifetime entry restriction into the U.S. because they had a good year in market returns.