André Godin on the IntelGenx license for Tadalafil erectile dysfunction dosing patent

Andre Godin, Executive Vice President and CFO of IntelGenx Technologies Corp. (TSXV: IGX | OTCQX: IGXT), in an interview with InvestorIntel CEO Tracy Weslosky discuss the license for Tadalafil erectile dysfunction dosing patent announced recently. They also discuss the IntelGenx’s business model, which includes five sources of revenue, and some of the highlights anticipated for shareholders in 2017.

Tracy Weslosky: Normally we don’t interview the CFO, but you’re also the Executive Vice President. Can you tell us a little bit about your role in IntelGenx Technologies?

André Godin: I work very closely with Dr. Zerbe. I have great respect for him and also for the rest of the team.

Tracy Weslosky: Of course, we’re really excited to talk to you about your recent deal with Tadalafil. Can you tell us more about this?

André Godin: This deal is probably the best deal I think we’ve ever signed at IntelGenx. It will probably start generating revenue by midyear 2018.

Tracy Weslosky: IntelGenx has a very interesting business model, André can you tell us a little bit more about this business model?

André Godin: Our business model consists of five sources of revenue. We basically get upfront payment, R&D milestones, sales milestones, royalty or profit split with our partner and finally manufacturing revenue. We get manufacturing revenue when we are at the commercial phase of the project.

Tracy Weslosky: Based on your business model, can you tell us how that translates to revenue and what we might anticipate for 2017?

André Godin: Yes. 2017 most of our revenue will be coming from R&D revenue. This is the great thing about signing multiple partners, Chemo being one of them, depending where the project is at the moment of the signing, we will get, more or less, R&D revenue. In this case we’ll get more than less R&D revenue in 2017 because the projects are just starting.

Tracy Weslosky: One of our InvestorIntel members sent me a question asking me why you guys are manufacturing your oral films and why you’re not outsourcing this. Can you explain this to us?

André Godin: Yeah. I mean, very simple answer, we get the margin in-house, you know, as opposed to giving the margin away to contract manufacturing. That’s the main reason. Also what’s very important to us is to keep our knowhow, keep our trade secrets in-house. By having our own plant and manufacturing the product we keep all our intellectual property in-house…to access the complete interview, click here

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Zerbe: how IntelGenX saw opportunity with oral films

IntelGenX_ZerbeIntelGenX Technologies Corp. (TSXV: IGX / OTCQX: IGXT) is a pioneer in innovative drug delivery technologies addressing unmet medical and commercial needs. The company develops innovations in pharmaceutical delivery based on its proprietary drug formulation technologies. Fast dissolving films are among the latest advances in medicine delivery: these films are designed to dissolve upon contact with a wet surface, such as the tongue, meaning a patient needs no additional liquid. The drug is directly absorbed into systemic circulation so there is no degradation in the gastrointestinal tract. IntelGenX’s goal is to be the first choice for oral solid dose innovation.

May 10, 2016 — InvestorIntel publisher Tracy Weslosky interviews Horst G. ZerbePresident and CEO of IntelGenX Technologies Corp. Prior to founding IntelGenX, Dr Zerbe served as the president of Smartrix Technologies Inc. in Montreal, and as Vice President of R&D at LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems in West Caldwell, NJ. Dr. Zerbe holds over 40 patents in drug delivery related fields and has published numerous scientific papers in recognized journals.

In this interview, Dr Zerbe explains

  • How oral film improves the appearance of a drug in the blood stream
  • How oral film can replace injections for administering drugs
  • The special benefits for children and aged patients, people who might have problems swallowing pills.

Dr Zerbe also discusses

  • The advantages of repurposing drugs for addressing different illnesses
  • How repurposing bypasses all the safety tests required by new drugs — because that has already been done in the original approval process
  • And how IntelGenX is focusing on how the brain suffers cognitive impairment in people over 55  to access the full video, click here

Disclaimer: IntelGenX Technologies Corp. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel.