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They’re back — The Rare Earths Sequel Returns with a Vengeance.

A tidal wave of performance in today’s rare earths market reminded me of the release of JAWS in 1975 — […]

Global market change to drive demand for heavy rare earth elements

Demand Among the Big Top for Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE), Now and Coming Soon Means HREE Demand is Going […]

Hong Kong event declares war between ‘lights’ and ‘heavies’ over?

Critical Rare Earths replace the age old ‘lights’ vs. ‘heavies’ debate in Hong Kong as Magnet Metals take center stage […]

InvestorIntel Week-in-Review: Nouveau Monde (+20.93%), US Rare Earths (+18.48%), Texas Rare Earth Resources (+15.61%), Stans Energy (+12.50%) & Hastings Rare Metals (+9.38%)

Rare Earths & Critical Materials: The overall sector performance was down overall as per my piece on Sunday REE Index: […]

Time to REE-name the HREEs?

It’s commonplace in the Rare Earths world to note the key challenge with REEs is the separation process — not […]

2014 needs to be a good year for the rare earth industry

InvestorIntel publisher Tracy Weslosky posed a very good question on this website yesterday: how long can we expect the rare […]

REE Index: An ‘undervalued’ rare earth market trends downward, but for how long?

It was March 2012 when we successfully launched an industry metric so that we could reliably evaluate the movement, trends […]

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