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On the threshold of a significant disruption to the domestic rare earths supply chain

In 1992, then Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping pointed at Beijing’s objectives saying: ‘The Middle East has its oil; China has […]

Jack Lifton debunks the Lynas and Molycorp rare earth leader myth

I note that the Australian press is reporting today that Lynas Corp. (‘Lynas’) will move its administrative headquarters to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, […]

Stans Energy Chairman provides update on international arbitration case on Kyrgyzstan rare earth claim

April 9, 2014 — Rodney Irwin, Chairman and acting President of Stans Energy Corp. (‘Stans’, TSX-V: HRE | OTCQX: HREEF) […]

Rare Element Resources on their ‘Heavies’ and Rare Earths Recovery Patented Technology

March 18, 2014 — Randy Scott, President and CEO of Rare Element Resources Ltd. (‘RER’, TSX: RES | NYSE MKT: REE) […]

Tasman Metals’ Norra Kärr HREE Project: advancing one of the most significant dysprosium deposits in the world

Pointless denying it, rare earth elements (REEs) provide the ideal material properties for modern society. If you’re reading this article […]

Northern Minerals’s High Value HREE Rich Project Secures $58 Million in Funding

March 30, 2013 — George Bauk, Managing Director and CEO, Northern Minerals Ltd. (ASX: NTU) in an interview with Tracy […]

Why is the CEO of Quest Rare Minerals so popular in China?

A few days ago, Our Chinese correspondent, Hong-Po Shen, brought two interesting statistical tidbits about the popularity of the ProEdgeWire […]

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