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Australian specialty metals project, Hastings Rare Metals attract Chinese investor interest.

Hitherto my focus on Australian Rare Earth deposits has been on either the Xenotime deposits of Northern Minerals and Spectrum […]

Hastings raises 6.5 million ahead of pre-feasibility study for Yangibana Project

Hastings Rare Metals Ltd. (‘Hastings’, ASX: HAS) owns, or has controlling interests in, two major rare earths (REE) projects in […]

The Rare Earth Space ‘A Culling of the Herd, and the Survivors’ (Part 3: Austral-Asia)

Over the last three years I’ve spent significant time in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. I am speaking twice […]

Fourth Largest JORC Heavy Rare Earth Resource Expands Target Zone

Hastings Rare Metals (‘Hastings’, ASX: HAS) is noted for being one of the emerging rare metals plays with a strong […]