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Copper, the critical element for this new age of energy

From our ancient past to our future chapters, the story of copper melds with the story of civilization. Copper was […]

Largo’s plans to expand vanadium production capacity by 25% garners more interest

Largo Resources Ltd. (TSX: LGO | OTCQX: LGORF) is a Toronto-based strategic mineral company focused on the production of vanadium flake, […]

MidAmerican’s wind energy project is $1.9 billion windfall for Iowa

May 9, 2013 (Source: Press Citizen) — MidAmerican Energy Co.’s $1.9 billion investment in wind energy in Iowa will help […]

Russia plans to invest $23 billion in development of renewables by 2020

Russia plans to start active development of renewables in the coming years in an attempt to reduce dependence on oil […]