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Euroclasm – Opportunity Knocks

At the root of the Euro crisis is one fundamental error in the dim dark past. The Germans for a […]

Greece – Armageddon or New Dawn

With the global financial markets watching tentatively to see if Greece finally goes over a metaphorical “Niagara in the barrel” […]

InvestorIntelReport: Greece Exists, Stage Left, from its Own Drama

“It’s all Greek to me” is an old expression representing bafflement and clearly the markets and commentators knew the feeling […]

Ukrainian economic woes and Eurozone fears could lead to negotiated solution with Russia

The economy in Ukraine is collapsing and inflation has reached 17%. Its currency, the Hryvnia, has suffered the worst performance […]

WTO ruling fails to alleviate European concern over China’s rare earth dominance

China has increased its efforts to limit the illegal mining and export of rare earths (REE). The Government has launched […]