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Will ZEN Graphene Solution’s graphene be the next big thing?

Graphene is a potential new super material. With super strength, flexibility and conductivity there is not much graphene cannot potentially […]

NovoCarbon positioning itself to become a key supplier of battery grade graphite in North America

The global graphite market is forecast to grow rapidly and reach US$27 billion by 2025, over double from US$13 billion […]

The road to graphene enhanced concrete just got faster

It is harder than diamond but more elastic than rubber, it’s tougher than steel but lighter than aluminium. Made from […]

The coming tsunami of electric car demand will need many more anode megafactories and graphite

Most investors don’t yet understand the tsunami of electric car demand that is just around the corner. Bloomberg New Energy […]

ZEN Graphene Solutions’ Dubé on how graphene will be ‘the real industrial revolution’

“We have a unique source of graphite in Ontario that is like no other on earth. It is a very […]

ZEN Graphene Solutions continue to evolve and innovate – Now a new concrete mixture.

Graphene material is an emerging market opportunity with so many exciting applications. The challenge for a new high quality graphene […]

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