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Lithium results places Alix as one of the “probable success stories of today”

When you spend more time reading lithium assays than sleeping, a good result really stands out, especially when the data […]

Alset’s Rapid Mexican Lithium Salar Shows Progress

Last year, Alset Minerals Corp. (TSXV: ION) (“Alset”) doubled down on its Mexican salars project; a collection of three salt […]

eCobalt Locked & Loaded

The Idaho Cobalt project, wholly owned by Vancouver-based eCobalt Solutions Inc. (TSX: ECS | OTCQB: ECSIF) (“eCobalt”), is set to […]

Nevada’s Lithium Hub a new California Gold Rush?

“Tesla’s Gigafactory is expected to generate billions of dollars of economic activity for the Reno area, while needing a constant […]

Lifton on Recycling Lithium Ion Battery Systems

The recycling of lithium ion batteries (LiBs) cannot today be profitable solely from recovering the lithium used in their construction […]

Nevada Energy Metals locks in ground at world’s lithium hub

Nevada Energy Metals (TSXV: BFF | OTC: SSMLF) website includes two questions: “Why Nevada?” is one. The second is “Why Lithium?”. […]

Tesla and competitors to place pressure on global graphite demand for Li-ion manufacturing facilities in 2015

This last month and a half has been rather lacklustre for the graphite sector as a whole but the demand and […]

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