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Kozak on Xtra-Gold and making the Kibi gold belt a world class gold deposit

If you’re like most people, the past four month’s health-driven lockdown saw you going through the five stages of grief, […]

Chocolate lovers should stock up as Ebola threat sparks speculation in cocoa futures

Ebola and chocolate don’t have much in common; however, the price of the latter has become inextricably linked to the […]

Ebola virus to take centre stage in US-Chinese competition for African mineral resources

Today, 50 African Heads of State and Government will be gathering at the White House for an unprecedented US-Africa summit, […]

Gondwana’s rights over Tano Basin Block in Ghana confirmed

Ghana’s oil sector regulatory environment has come under pressure and will be experiencing changes in the next few months, particularly […]

Gondwana Oil to benefit from Ghana’s offshore oil infrastructure and fast growing economy

Gondwana Oil Corp. (“Gondwana”) (CSE: GO), which commenced trading last February 26, is involved in the exploration and development of […]

Two weeks’ notice: The Geopolitics of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation and the need for an African Successor

The Vatican’s official explanation for Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation (effective on February 28) attributes the unusual step to the pontiff’s […]