Brendon Grunewald on Moovly’s Google integration with G Suite

“We have certainly seen growth as people work and learn from home and that has increased our user base and our subscription base as well. Increasingly we are seeing large corporations that froze their budgets at the start of corona are now looking to come back and still need to produce a lot of content. They need to get their economies and their companies back onto level, but they have restricted budgets and abilities. So, with the tools like ourselves they don’t have to restrict the amount of content they create. They can produce even more content on a lower budget and hence achieve their stretched goals will less means.” States Brendon Grunewald, President, CEO and Director of Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Brendon went on to provide an update on Moovly’s Google integration with G Suite, which now allows for Moovly-created content to be uploaded both seamlessly and faster. He said that users can now move contents from Google Drive directly to Moovly and after they have edited the video they can publish the content on YouTube with the single click of a button. Brendon continued, “We pride ourselves in building what we believe to be the best product and that is obviously being validated by a number of customers out there.”

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Moovly’s Google integration with G Suite another leap forward as users of Moovly Videos on YouTube increase ‘substantially’

I think we all have a Gmail account….or three. Google has been the undisputed industry leader in offering free email accounts and a leader in the creation of technology that we didn’t even know we wanted. Remember when Google Maps was introduced? I couldn’t walk around London without it. And Street View…how cool was that? Now look at all of the offerings, including the Android phone software you are probably reading this on. I count 66 products “For all” (although YouTube Kids is an epic fail for all the wrong reasons), 28 products “For business” and 13 developer products.

Add another one, or at least highlight its inclusion. As announced on July 16, 2020, Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY) has accelerated its Google integration with G Suite. According to the press release, this has resulted in significant adoption, resulting in tripling of user metrics from March to April 2020. A short time, but probably indicative as more people become aware of this technology. Moovly templates have recently been made available in Google Sheets, resulting in increased use of the Moovly range of products, so expect usage of Moovly to continue to grow.  With increasing awareness of the product’s capabilities and the potential for growing adoption of the technology, expect a corresponding market valuation increase.

Whether you are stuck at home and making videos of your last beach holiday for your social media accounts or your business/job has you working from home, this is another great leap forward. How does it work? Simply. Moovly has integrated an easy to use “Publish to YouTube” feature, which allows users to publish their videos on YouTube with the single click of a button. It’s seamless and effortless.

If you haven’t tried the Moovly video software, you should! It’s so simple, you need no software, just your internet browser. Need help? Yes, you can use your smartphone to record footage or take pictures to use in your video, but what if you want visuals you can’t make yourself – like fireworks, stars or wild animals? Or sounds and music? Moovly contains over 1.3 million media objects you can use for free! Moovly users can also push content directly from their Google Drive to Moovly.