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Talga – Rubber Hits the Road

As we have noted in the past the three key words that best sum up Vittangi are “cheap, cheap, cheap” […]

Ecclestone on Tasman Metals: Dedication to rare earth production and a Zirconium ‘kicker’

Ancient Greek and the Scandinavian region have been the inspiration for most of the names of the elements in the […]

Flinders Resources Woxna graphite mine to reach production stage this month

Flinders Resources Limited (“Flinders”, TSXV: FDR) has issued an update about the progress made at the Woxna graphite mine in […]

Tasman Metals is the key to Europe achieving a rare-earth supply chain

Recently Tasman Metals (“Tasman”, TSXV: TSM | FRANKFURT: T61 | NYSE MKT: TAS) and Flinders Resources (‘Flinders’, TSXV| FDR) announced […]

InvestorIntel Graphite & Graphene Week-in-Review: Focus Graphite gains on ‘Big’ news

InvestorIntel Graphite & Graphene Week-in-Review (August 12-16, 2013): Not to sound like a carbon copy of last week’s Week-in-Review, but […]

Berkwood and Flinders drive upward momentum in graphite sector

Graphite Week in Review: The ProEdgeWire Graphite and Graphene members rose +2.12% for the week ending on July 19, 2013. […]

Zenyatta gains 24% for the week and almost 700% for the year

Graphite Week in Review: The ProEdgeWire Graphite and Graphene Sponsor index rose 8.9% for the week ending on July 12, […]