Predictiv AI – Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve “Real World” Problems

Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass Part of a Back-to-Work Strategy

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Wednesday that approximately 123.9 million people in the U.S. have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, representing about 37.3% of the total population.

While vaccination rates are increasing and new COVID-19 cases begin to decline, corporations are developing return-to-the-office strategies that address employees’ safety expectations that include regular health and temperature checks.

Temperature Checks Part of the New Workplace Health & Safety Protocols

In order to avoid admitting employees with symptoms, buildings are employing screening measures including restricting entry to a single access point to facilitate temperature checks.

To reduce lineups and wait times, buildings are implementing fast methods of fever detection, and ThermalPass by Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI) is one solution.

ThermalPass Fever Detection System

Last year, Predictiv AI launched ThermalPass, a fever-detection system that instantly screens for higher than normal body temperatures that could be caused by a virus, such as COVID-19, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the contagion.

The ThermalPass stand-alone unit enhances public safety by providing fast, touch-free scanning of people at entranceways of high-traffic, public locations, and its waterproof design allows for both indoor and outdoor uses.

By integrating 24 medical-grade, non-invasive thermal sensors onto a metal frame, and taking 1200 readings per second, each unit can process one person per second and is perfect for mass screening applications at high-traffic locations such as airports, hospitals, office buildings, and sports stadiums.

Growing Sales and Resellers

This week, Predictiv AI reported that it signed F2 Factor to provide strategic support services to increase sales and distribution of ThermalPass.

This announcement follows a slew of partnerships signed earlier this year with other resellers including TFG Concepts (TFG), MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions (MCL), and Security Identification Systems Corp. (SISCO).

  • TFG is a sales agency with more than 30 years of experience representing manufactures and brands and has partnered before with companies such as Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, and Lowes.
  • MCL plans to focus on the Education, Food Service, and Government sectors across Canada and has almost four decades of experience as a master distributor and their customers include Air Canada, the City of Toronto, and Sunnybrook Hospital.
  • SISCO will integrate ThermalPass with its Fast-Pass® Visitor Management System to help with track-and-trace efforts for building occupants and visitors.

Last week, Predictiv AI announced that it has installed multiple ThermalPass temperature scanning devices in Memorial Healthcare System hospital facilities in Broward County, Florida.

Memorial Healthcare is a provider of healthcare services in south Florida through a six-hospital network and various ancillary facilities. By integrating ThermalPass, it has helped eliminate forehead temperature checks and captures core employees’ temperature in a more efficient manner.

Dawn de la Vega, Director of Nursing at Memorial Regional Hospital, stated, “With COVID-19 still threatening our community, it’s important for us to continue using technology in a way that will help us maximize our team’s time and provide quality and safe care to our community.”

Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass Adopted by Memorial Healthcare System

Predictiv AI's ThermalPass Adopted by Memorial Healthcare System


Predictiv AI – Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve “Real World” Problems

Predictiv AI is not a 1-product company but an innovator and strategic operator of emerging technology companies with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain solutions, and the Internet-of-Things. The Company’s R&D division, AI Labs Inc. (AI Labs), develops new products that solve real-world problems.

In March, Predictiv AI announced that it partnered with the Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute (Waterloo.AI) at the University of Waterloo to allow AI Labs to pursue its AI reach and commercialization efforts and leverage Waterloo.AI as an extension of the Predictiv AI team.

Harold Godwin, Managing Director of Waterloo.AI, stated, “We are thrilled to have Predictiv AI join as a partner with Waterloo, this is a very exciting time for our university and Waterloo.AI, and we are grateful for the interest and ongoing support of our partners, including our newest, Predictiv AI.”

The collaboration will allow AI Labs to access the artificial intelligence resources at Waterloo.AI, increasing the bandwidth in ideation, research, and development of solutions for real-world problems.

Final Thoughts

Predictiv AI helps businesses and organizations make smarter decisions using AI, deep machine learning, and data science.

As AI continues to be a disruptive technology, investors are looking for ways to profit from it and Predictiv AI could be an avenue for an AI investment.

With a market capitalization of less than C$11 million, there is still plenty of upside to this Canadian high-tech company.

Innovative Predictiv AI products ThermalPass and Alertfleet hit the commercialization phase

Imagine if you could predict the future. The implications are enormous across so many areas from finance, technology, health, security, environment etc. Well now there is a way of predicting events by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analysis. Today’s company offers AI solutions such as mass thermal screening tests to help fight against COVID-19 and AI software to predict/forecast the weather up to 72-hours in advance to help with safety and economics of fleets.

Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI) (‘Predictiv’) is a cutting edge technology company which helps businesses and organizations make smarter decisions using advanced AI, deep machine learning, and data science techniques.

Predictiv’s main initial focus is on commercializing their technology across ‘smart cities’ in areas such as public safety, energy management, smart buildings, mobility, technology, infrastructure, and healthcare sectors.

Predictiv state that the AI potential of the above areas of the smart cities market is potentially worth as much as US$1.56 trillion by 2025. Of course if you can predict future outcomes using AI then the world is your oyster. As investors of the stock market know automated ‘quant’ or algorithmic trading is rapidly growing in popularity and could be worth as much as US$18.8 billion pa in revenues by 2024. AI is already succeeding in the stock market and perhaps soon in the lucrative robotaxi/autonomous vehicle market (aka Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)).

Predictiv’s two wholly-owned subsidiaries focus on the public safety opportunity

AI Labs Inc.

AI Labs is the research and development business arm of Predictiv. AI Labs designed, engineered and developed ThermalPass™, a fever detection system approved by Health Canada, to mitigate the spread of contagions in public places.

AI Labs plans to commercialize ThermalPass™ under SMRT Labs Inc., offering two offerings, the ThermalPass Portable (US $6,900) and ThermalPass Pro (US $7,300). As of Jan. 5, 2021 Predictiv reports that they have received orders for 62 units of ThermalPass following the commercial launch in mid-October 2020, including initial orders from hospitals, long-term care facilities and prisons in Canada, as well as hospitals and public schools in the US.

A recent commercialization deal was made with TFG Concepts to represent ThermalPass to its clients across Canada.

Predictiv’s subsidiary AI Labs owned ThermalPass™ for mass public temperature screening – Highly useful in the fight against COVID-19

Source: Company presentation

Weather Telematics Inc.

Weather Telematics Inc. provides ground truth weather. Through its’ patented AI and sensor technology, the Company is able to provide up to 72-hours advance proprietary predictive weather data to sectors including government, insurance, agriculture, public safety and fleet management.

Weather Telematics has developed ‘Alert Fleet’, a cost-saving software/sensor system that provides fleet owners with the tools they need to run significantly safer and more efficient fleets.

Weather Telematics has formed a new strategic channel partnership with inField Solutions Inc. to commercialize Alert Fleet. Weather Telematics has already secured a multi-year agreement with Synoptic Data PBC for data provision services. The Company state that “this licensing contract will generate seven-figure revenue over the term for Weather Telematics and will launch its next generation of weather and road temperature sensors, which turns vehicles into their own mobile weather stations.”

Predictiv’s subsidiary Weather Telematics Inc. owned Alert Fleet with weather alerts etc for fleet safety and economics

Source: Company presentation

Michael Lende, President and CEO of Predictiv AI, recently stated:

“Our goals for 2021 are to continue to extend and strengthen our innovative product portfolio, to ramp up sales of ThermalPass and AlertFleet, both internally as well as through strategic channel partners, and to continue targeting whitespace categories and verticals which we view as innately scalable. In 2021, our focus remains on building the business by increasing revenue and driving shareholder value.”

Closing remarks

Generally speaking the best time to jump on board with promising companies is not too early in the invention phase, but rather at the beginning of the commercialization phase, just as revenues are about to hopefully take-off. This is the stage that Predictiv AI is now entering and they have already had some good early success.

Predictiv AI trades on a market cap of only C$13.2 million, therefore it is potentially still very early days for the Company.

I wonder what Predictiv AI’s software forecasts for their stock price in 2021? It certainly looks like it should be an excellent year ahead for Predictiv AI.

Michael Lende on the rising demand for Predictiv AI’s touchless and non-invasive ThermalPass fever detection system

InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi speaks with Michael Lende, President and CEO of Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI), about the increasing demand for Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass fever detection system.

In this interview Peter asks Michael about their recent news release where they confirm orders for another 34 units, taking their total sold to 62 since its commercial launch barely eight weeks ago. “Back in April it was nothing, but a discussion — we didn’t have any tangible product called ThermalPass.”

Michael explains how ThermalPass has gone from concept to revenue in less than nine months, and when asked about competitive advantages, explains that “It is all about quality and scalability and we have both going for us.” Adding how each ThermalPass does not use cameras, which ensures individuals privacy and anonymity, he continues “We collect data without encroaching on a person’s privacy.” He notes that the “United States is discontinuing use of Chinese camera-based detection by August 2021.”

The ThermalPass is a touchless fever detection system that uses non-invasive technology that can take 1200 readings per second and may process as many as 60 people per minute. Approved by Health Canada as a class 1 medical device unit, the ThermalPass has 24 medical-grade thermal sensors and enhances public safety by providing fast, touch-free scanning of people at entranceways of high-traffic, public locations to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other fever-bearing contagions. “Once COVID goes we want to have something that is sustainable for fever detection and other contagions,” Michael said.

To watch the full interview, click here

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Disclaimer: Predictiv AI Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Fever detection system sales driving Predictiv AI’s revenue higher

This week, Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI) reported that its channel reseller in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, KleinCity Group, secured orders for Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass fever-detection system from hospitals and long-term care facilities in the province of Quebec.

KleinCity expects to close more ThermalPass sales based on the high volume of inbound calls and written requests it has recorded.

Last week, Predictiv AI announced that it received 28 orders for ThermalPass units with installations scheduled before the end of year. The majority of these units were sold to a Canadian provincial government, U.S. public schools, and several hospitals.

Michael Lende, President and CEO of Predictiv AI remarked, “We are very excited with the initial bookings as they represent verticals that are innately scalable. We are also cognizant and encouraged that these orders are formative in nature and have the potential to be significantly upsized.”

In conjunction with these recent sales and pending orders, production and assembly of ThermalPass units are ramping up, and the Company plans to expand manufacturing capacity to meet the increased demand.  Predictiv AI is well funded for growth after closing a $1.5 million financing in October.

Thermalpass to Help Food Bank Prioritize Health of its Residents

In the holiday spirit, Predictiv AI donated one of its ThermalPass fever detection systems to the Flemingdon Food Bank in Toronto, Canada.

As the demand for food banks continues to increase amid this current health crisis and busy holiday season, the ThermalPass unit will help keep patrons, staff, and volunteers, healthy and safe.

ThermalPass Fever Detection System

In May, Predictiv AI launched ThermalPass, a fever-detection system that instantly screens for higher than normal body temperatures that could be caused by influenza, pneumonia or other viruses, such as COVID-19.

ThermalPass enhances public safety by providing fast, touch-free scanning of people at entranceways of high-traffic, public locations to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other fever-bearing contagions.

By integrating 24 medical-grade, non-invasive thermal sensors onto a metal frame, and taking 1200 readings per second, each unit can process 60 people per minute. Its waterproof design is flexible for both indoor and outdoor uses.

A primary factor driving the growth of this market includes increasing demand for mass screening at airports, hospitals, malls, office buildings, pharmacies, schools, stadiums and supermarkets.

Other solutions that use thermal cameras, come with privacy issues and are more expensive, costing as much as US$15,000 compared with ThermalPass Portable (US$6,900) or ThermalPass Pro (US$7,300).

In addition to the upfront hardware sale of the product, Predictiv AI also books monthly recurring revenue (“MRR”) from maintenance & services fees, and monetizes the aggregated data.

Global Thermal Scanners Market is a Billion Dollar Market and Growing

According to a recent report by Reportlinker, the Global Thermal Scanners Market size is expected to reach $6.7 billion by 2025, rising at an annual growth rate of over 10%.

Even with the COVID-19 vaccines roll-out, the general public is poised to adopt new safety measures to protect society from current and future infectious diseases. For example, in the province of Ontario, under the province’s Stage 3 regulations, employers are required to conduct employee screening for COVID-19 whenever an employee comes to work.

A short-term catalyst for the market was a notice in July from the US government banning Chinese-based thermal camera solutions over privacy and national security issues. These cameras need to removed by August 2021.

Predictiv AI – Not a 1-Product Company

Based in Toronto, Canada, Predictiv AI is a strategic investor and operator of emerging technology companies with a focus on Internet of Things (“IoT”), artificial intelligence (“AI”) and Blockchain solutions.

The Company’s R&D division, AI Labs Inc., develops new products to solve real-world business problems. AI Labs jointly developed ThermalPass with Commersive Solutions, a developer of integrated, point-of-sale technologies for the retail market.

Predictiv AI’s Weather Telematics (“WTX”) subsidiary uses patented monitoring sensors to provide real-time, advanced AI-based, predictive road condition weather risk information to the insurance, logistics, fleet management and public safety sectors. In May, WTX released Alert Fleet, a weather-based software solution to enhance safety and reduce costs for the North American Fleet Management market.

Predictiv AI helps businesses and organizations make smarter decisions using AI, deep machine learning and data science.

With a market capitalization of less than $15 million, there is still plenty of upside to this Canadian high-tech company.

ThermalPass Series of Fever Detection systems

Predictiv AI debuts real-world problem solver, a fever detection system called ThermalPass

“If you can predict the future, you can profit from it…”

All you good capitalists out there should be salivating at that comment. It’s from the homepage of Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI | OTC: INOTF | FRANKFURT: 71TA) and as you may have surmised, their business is the business of artificial intelligence (AI). Predictiv AI “is a technology company which helps businesses and organizations make smarter decisions using advanced artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and data science techniques.”

The global AI market is expected to grow in leaps and bounds – by as much as 40-50% per year – in the next decade or so. This makes it a market that could be in the trillions of dollars – there is money to be made and Predictiv AI is positioned to be a part of that. End users of AI include almost anything – the automotive industry (self-driving vehicles especially), the healthcare industry, banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing and agriculture to mention just a few that are important in our daily lives.

Predictiv AI has two subsidiaries – AI Labs (the R&D arm of the company) and Weather Telematics. As big as the AI market is (think the “Internet of Things”), the team’s deep experience was in part responsible for the company’s current focus.

AI Labs uses proprietary artificial intelligence to build solutions for the public safety and security markets, a subsector that is projected to reach more than US$900 billion by 2027 and is part of a larger overall sector that also includes energy management, smart buildings, mobility, technology, infrastructure, and healthcare, which are expected to total US$1.56 trillion by 2025.

AI Labs is currently building solutions for real-world problems and has successfully developed a patent-pending fever detection system (ThermalPass). Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the way the world now operates will be forever changed. As announced earlier in October, Predictiv AI, via a joint venture with Commersive Solutions Corp., has transitioned from the prototype phase into the commercialization phase. An Ontario Canada-based trucking company was the first to deploy the system commercially on October 13, 2020.

The ThermalPass Fever Detection System detects body temperature using multiple touchless, infrared, thermal medical grade sensors to identify potential at-risk carriers. The device is efficient and can process up to 60 people per minute without any need for people to do anything but walk normally through the sensor system. It is approved by Health Canada as a class 1 medical device and is a critical real-time detector that can help companies everywhere in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. The uses for this product are everywhere that people go in public and the market is massive.

ThermalPass is arguably the best, most effective and simplest temperature scanning system available. It is also the least expensive, when compared to competitors in China and the US and has a patent pending. Currently made in Canada, it is easy to assemble, there are stationary and mobile versions available, and the company has secured leading Canadian and US suppliers to contract manufacture the units. Also, ThermalPass has the supply chain in place to rapidly scale production to meet demand. Notably, the US government has put a ban on Chinese thermal-camera based systems, limiting competition to the ThermalPass system particularly in the US.

Temperature scanners will probably become a fact of life – the ability to provide a better mousetrap such as the ThermalPass product, means that the world should beat a path to company’s door, based on ease of use, reliability of the technology and lower than average price.

The second significant product line comes from the Weather Telematics subsidiary. The company has a product called “Alert Fleet”, which uses advanced AI and deep machine learning to generate hyper-local advanced road weather data using Weather Telematics patented sensors. This is a critical piece of technology that could save the trucking industry significant time (and money) by being to avoid serious weather conditions, winter and summer.

Alert Fleet can generate real-time road alerts 200-300 meters ahead, 1 km ahead and 100s of kilometers in advance of hazardous road conditions and can provide up to 72 hour advanced proprietary predictive weather data using patented AI and sensor technology. It can alert to winter conditions (snow, ice, black ice), hydroplaning/flooding risk, low visibility (fog) risk as well as wind, hail and lightening risks. It can be a standalone product, can be integrated into existing telematics service provider portals and can be delivered inside the vehicle as well as to a dispatcher via text messaging, email or mobile app integrations.

The company has a market capitalization of approximately C$19.5 million and just completed a share consolidation in August 2020, along with the changing of the company’s name to Predictiv AI Inc. (previously Internet of Things Inc.). The company has a small amount of debt ($311,000) mostly in the form of a demand loan, but in early October 2020 closed a nonbrokered private placement of $1.5 million primarily to fund the ThermalPass production planning and manufacturing as well as providing capital to AI Labs for ongoing R&D. While it is still early days for investors in this company, there appears to be a particularly bright future ahead in an ever changing world.