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Indian farms in urgent need of more phosphate and potash-based fertilizers

India has to do something about its fertilizer situation. McKinsey & Co, in their latest report on the sub-continent, say […]

The world’s food supply and fertilizer — is it time for new strategies?

Call it unorthodox, maybe even heretical. But, even for those of us who believe government (usually) has no business interfering […]

ICL and Allana form a strategic alliance to take advantage of growing potash demand in Asia and Africa

Israel Chemicals (‘ICL’, TASE: ICL) and Allana Potash (‘Allana’, TSX: AAA | OTCQX: ALLRF) have established an alliance to develop […]

The Pulse: Optimism about HREE market – and for potash sales, too

An enormous amount of capital and time has been committed to break the rest-of-world dependence on China for rare earths […]

Aguia Resources ready to gain from Brazil’s booming Agriculture and World Class Image

Aguia Resources Limited (Aguia, ASX: AGR) has announced excellent phosphate drilling results from its Tres Estradas project (“TE”) in southern […]

Month in Review: Shares drop but Potash Market Conditions improving

In February the share prices for ProEdgeWire Potash and Phosphate sponsors dropped by a total of 8.63%, reflecting a decline […]

The Pulse: Gold buyers getting cold feet; Zirconium rethink at Alkane; Spanish potash

Here’s the question that some nervous gold bugs might be asking: is the yellow one facing its last hurrah? This […]