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Scotland votes No to secession from the UK but its nationalist fervor remains

The Scottish independence referendum has resulted in a solid win for the No vote (No to independence). The strength of […]

Sanctions against Russia over Ukrainian crisis are counterproductive

The tension and the ongoing civil war in Ukraine’s increasingly bloody battles will be expensive for the West and will […]

The EU risks a very frosty winter as tensions in Ukraine rise

Oil prices rose again in Asia because of the crisis in Ukraine, where fighting between government forces with pro-Russian rebels […]

EU Imposes Tariffs on the Chinese over Solar Panel Product Dumping

Recently China and the European Union (EU) have been discussing Chinese policy on their solar panel exports. The European Commission […]

The EU is not about to tax Private Bank Accounts: Cyprus is the result of Geopolitical Chess

The suggestion that Cypriot bank deposits be taxed to help the country, as proposed last Saturday by the EU has […]

Rare Earth & Critical Minerals Weekly Review: The Erosion of China’s Monopoly begins

The prices of high-tech metals have long been on a roller coaster ride. The near-monopoly of the People’s Republic of […]